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Monday, 29 July 2013

An Introduction To Myself

Hey, Hey, Hey! 

So I've been looking at other blogs, and how they started of there first post! (eeek, I'm so excited ;D )  It seems the thirty facts is a popular one and it seems obvious that I need to introduce myself! So here we go, most of them are the boring general one's hopefully it won't bore you to death!

So I guess, here we go; 

1)  My names Daisy Chain, (My middle name is actually Sian, but I used to pronounce it Shane, and then Chain rhymed with Shane, so I like to say my middle name is 'Chain.' :P I know that's like really obvious considering my profile say's daisy, and my email, but hey! I have to start somewhere right!

2) I have two sisters - Charlotte and Fiona, there both older than me, and there also both half sisters, and one brother -Mark who is also a half brother. 

3) My family is seriously confusing, complete with half brothers/sisters, step moms/dads, second cousins, Step Dad's, etc, but I doubt you care!

4) I have a black and white cat called Wiz, she's five but is so small and cute! <3 Even if she does pratically eat all my friends!

5) I have an addiction with shopping espically for make up, and clothes! I go shopping like two/three times a month :D So I'm like always skint for money!

6) I play the piano, I have done for like two years, I love it :D I have two lessons a week, one with school and one private!

7) I love pre cooked things, so I like cake mix thing, you know the powder stuff you get before you make the cake, or like flapjack mixture before its cooked! I have been known just to eat all of the mix, before I had a chance to cook it!

8) I write stories online, mainly 1D stories, because I LOVE ONE DIRECTION! If you want to read them my name on Wattpad is FollowThoseDreams. 

9) I want to work in the Navy when I'm older, I have done for like three years! 

10) I love little children (Not in that way! Ewww) I help out at a local childminders every thursday, I really want a little brother/sister, but my mum says she's too old, and that I'm a handfull enough! ;( 

11) I was born on the 17th February, in hillingdon hospital. My parents can't remember whether I was born in the morning or afternoon, and also don't know how much I weigh! Round of applause for the best parents in the world right! (Seriously mum and dad, I'd make better parents than you and I'm thirteen.) 

12) Even though I LOVVVEEE make-up I hate using it for the first time! I mean it looks so perfect, espically foundation mouuse, it's so perfectly swirled that when you put your brush in it, or your finger it leaves marks, and it just looks so... so... used!   :'( 

13) I have vitilgo, a skin condition, my self confidence has really been effected which is most likely why I like makeup so much.  

14) I live on my computer, in pyjamas and fluffy socks.

15) I love frosties, like so much, I take them to school to eat in my lunch... But I hate them with milk. 

16) One of my bestfriends lives in America, I visit her every year ;D I miss her lots :( 

17) I also have a friend who lives in Sweedan. 

18) I love One direction, Little mix, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and Ross Lynch. 

19) My favourite songs are 
Fix You - Coldplay, 
Breathe me - Sia, 
I think about you - Austin and Ally, (Ross) 
Nothing Like us - Justin Beiber (I hate JB as a person though, no offence JB) 
Momments, She's not afraid, They don't know about us, Gotta be you - One direction, 
Give me love - Eddy, 
You belong with me - Taylor Swifty 
Change your life - Little Mix, 
Heaven - Emeli Sande, 
I need your love - Ellie Goulding ft Calvin Harris,
Your song - Carly Rose Sonenclar. 

20) I have two amazing best friends, called Cerys and Angel, but I love all my other friends too! (Lauren, Ems, Beth, Hayley, Izzie and lots of others) my friends are amazing, they get me through everything. 

21) I've never had a boyfriend. 

22) I've never has a first kiss! I'm kissless ;'( 

23) My favourite shops are Topshop, River Island, Hollister, Mac, Superdrug, New Look, Primark (I mean who dosn't love cheap cheap CHEAP fashionable clothes) and WHsmith. 

24) I love reading and writing. And I am such a critic when it come's to punctuation and spelling. 

25) My mum works in H&M press office.

26) I use to be a model. 

27) My favourite beauty product is concealer. But I also love foundation, mascara, liquid eye liner, blusher, eyeshadow, lipstick and lip liners, powder, I love the lot, okay!? BUT, I couldn't live without my collection 2000 concealer. I reccomend it highly. 

28) I love models own nail varnish. 

29) I still love disney channel. 

30) I love Jay Ryan from Sea Patrol my favourite TV show.

 I hope you liked that, and I hope I didn't bore my first few readers to death! There will be another post by Sunday as I am yet to arrange a must needed summer shopping trip before I go on holiday! See you soon! xxxx