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Saturday, 28 December 2013

How to Contour, Highlight and Blush!

So this post is pretty much self explanatory! This post will help you to apply highlight, blush, and bronzer. You will need a contour brush, and powder brush, and a highlighter, bronzer and blusher.

I am using the Real Techniques powder brush, Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, the MAC '168' Brush, Hoola Bronzer, Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in 'Soft and Gentle' and Mac Blush in 'Harmony' 

1. First I apply primer, this helps to even your complexion, and keep your make up as fresh as possible, I normally go with Benefit's Porefessional or Smashbox's Photo finish primer, but any primer which works if fine.

2. So to begin with I contour. This will emphasise your cheekbones. Make sure you choose a colour best suited for you, so not to dark, a light colour is best as you can build up easily, and gives you more of a choice depending on the occasion. To apply this using my 'Real Techniques expert face brush' as it is a great shape for my small face. I suck in my cheekbones so I can easily find where they are situated, and using my contou
r brush I start from the highest point of my cheek near my ear and work downwards. I then use my powder brush to blend in so the contour isn't to harsh. I then apply a tiny bit of bronzer on my temple close to my hairline, and the bottom of my neck, and any where else the sun may bronze me up! Depending on the occasion I may repeat if I want a bit more, or may blend further if I want a slightly more natural look.

3. The next step is to now apply the highlight; I apply this using the same 'MAC 168' and I start on top of the check bones so very slightly above the bronzer. I do this in circular motions, again I use the 'Real Techniques Powder Brush' to blend it in. I also like to highlight my brow bone which is just below the eyebrow, and down the centre of my nose. You can also highlight between your brows, on your cupids bow and the centre of your chin, or any where else you may like a highlighted glow!

4. The final step is the blusher. I think this is the hardest part as if it goes wrong you have to start all over again, it is also hard to pinpoint the part of your cheeks which blushes. Try going for a slightly more natural colour if your just starting over, and experiment when you feel more confident. I don't always apply blusher, as I normally have a natural pink glow on my cheeks anyway. I apply the blush on the apples of my cheeks. This may mean you'll need to do a really big cheesy grin in the mirror to apply. I use my 'Real Techniques Expert Face Brush' and tap of the excess and then blend in circular motions, depending on my mood I may choose to build up the colour or blend it in further.

That is all it is too it! If your first trying off with the seperate techniques, it is best to practise a few times until you feel confident to combine all three skills, and experiment with your look which best suits you! I hope this helped! If your still confused about where to apply, then look online at images there are lots of great diagrams! (I can't put them on here due to copyright)

Love Daisy
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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

How To Protect Your Hair From Heat

Hey, I'm sorry for the infrequent updates, I've been really busy the past few weeks. But, now we have a few weeks off, I can now finally update my blog for you chummies! I hope you like this post, about how to protect your hair from heat, Some of you may know that I straighten my hair everyday, so it's not in excellent condition, however it's not actually that bad either… In this post I'll tell you how I manage to protect my hair from my straighteners.

1. Apply Heat Protectant 

You can get these almost anywhere, I buy mine from super drug and have been loving VO5's Heat protect. I first part my hair, and apply the top layer in a clip and apply heat protecter. I brush it out, and then leave it to dry. If you try and straighten your hair when its wet it will burn your hair,
so make sure you wait for it to dry out. 

2. Apply Deep Conditioning Masks when Possible

I personally LOVE Lush's H'suan Wen Hua! I apply this all over my hair and leave for 30 minutes to an hour. I get about three to four uses of the pot it retails at £8.95 This basically restores mositure, and improves the condition of your hair. Since using my split ends have improved so much! I recommend it so much! You can get deep conditioners, from almost anywhere including super drug and boots.

3. Use good Shampoo's and Conditioners

Using high end shampoos and conditioners, really makes huge differences to your hair. Since I have been using Aussie my hair has drastically improved. They work wonders on frizzy and heat damaged hair, and last a long time. There also often on offer in boots for 3 for £10! They make your hair shiny, and have reduced the amount of split ends I have. I also recommend Dove Intensive Repair, its much cheaper but works just as efficiently. Both have drastically improved the condition of my hair, and leaving it soft and shiny. 

4. Have Days Off

I seem like a hypocrite saying this, but just not straightening your hair, and leaving it for a few days will  improve the condition of your hair. Try having the weekends off, and just throw it in a bun, so it can recover. Or just try going to school with it up instead of curling, or straightening it. Try heatless hairstyles such as natural waves by plaiting your hair overnight, so it will be wavy in the morning, or sleep in curlers. Or french braid it, it makes a nice change and gives your hair time to recover. 

5. After Washing Your Hair TIPS

Don't brush your hair when its wet, as its more vulnerable to breakage, and don't brush your hair in the shower either. Wash your hair in the evening, then you won't need to blow dry it. Apply leave in conditioner overnight, and when your going to bed with wet hair, sleep on a towel as pillow cases cause friction damage, which breaks your hair. 

6. Tips

When you wash your hair try to keep the water as cold as possible, this well help seal vitamins, as well as preventing more heat damage. Don't wash your hair everyday, washing your hair everyday causes it to become greasy much more quickly, and also means your need to apply heat everyday. If you don't need to wash your hair everyday, then try just straightening your hair once after you wash it and leave it until you need to wash it again. 

I hope you all have a wonderful chirstmas and week off, my next update will be in January after the 7th as I'm going on holiday to Egypt! Hope you all enjoy your time of from school, and enjoyed this update! Bye my lovelies!!
Daisy xx

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Beauty Products Not Worth The Hype

Hey Lovelies! 

Hope your all doing great, and enjoying your week of! So I have been spamming people's beauty blogs, looking for ideas for mine! I found lots of good ideas, and I CANT wait to put them on here! But I choose my favourite which was 'Beauty Products Not Worth The Hype' I love reading these, and quite recently I have bought so many beauty products which I really regret! This is my opinion, maybe you love all of these, and maybe I just had some bad luck! So leave a comment on your opinons about these! Okay so here we go!

The first product is the 'Maybelline Baby Lips.'

When they first became popular which was about August time I was on holiday in America, so I sent my dad to CVS and he bought me one. During this time my lips were quite chapped and dry, so I couldn't wait to try it out. At first it did feel mostirising and soft, and then it started to dry out my lips, and the colour made my lips look even more dry and chapped. All of the colours are really awful, there all so bright so when you apply them they look like crayon, and make your lips look dry and feel even more dry! I think I'm the only person in this world, that dosn't like these! Whats your experince with these? 

The Second Product is the Benefit 'They're Real Mascara'

Okay again I seem like the only person in the world to not like this too, I guess I'm really fussy! When I first got this I loved it! I bought it in sephora in America for £13 and got a smaller one for free too! It is said to make your lashes longer than any other mascara, and it really did, I noticed quite a large difference, than my old drugstore mascara. However although it is a brillant elongating mascara, it is incrdibly clumpy, and flaky! I also find it smudges very easily, dosn't last for very long and is a pain to remove! You never seem to completely get it all off, and when you do you spend about ten minutes rubbing each eye which is really irritating! You can't use make up wipes, and you need to use special eye make up remover, which STILL dosn't remove it! Whats your experince with these?

The Third Product is the 'Hoola' Bronzer

Now I know everybody will disagree with me here! But I really do like this bronzer, I've had it for a really long time, and it hasn't really worn! The packaging is very neat, and compact and beautiful! I love benefit packaging its all so cute! It does last for a long time, and I have bitten pan yet! However, it is so expensive for what it is! Although you do get a lot of product it is still not worth it! The bronzer is incredibly hard to build, on paler skin tones, you have to use the finest amount, and with more darker skin tones you need to build up a lot! I also find after less than an hour it has completely come off no matter how much you wear! It is a very nice chocolate matte colour and finish, however it is almost an exact match of the "Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzing Powder' which is only £6.99! 

The Fourth and Final Product is the 'Models Own Blending Sponges'

I personally don't see how the blending sponges really help with applying foundation. I really like how you can use the doomed edges for your cheeks, and forehead, and chin etc, where as the pointed edge is perfect for around your eyes and around your nose! I also do think it does save a lot of time! However, I don't think they apply your foundation/ BB cream - whatever you are using any better. I also think they are incredibly hard to use, there hard and get really dirty! There really hard to clean, so you end up needing to replace it every month as they build up with product so easily!

So I hope you like this blogpost, I know its not a turtorial or anything like that but it's quite a popular choice! I hope you liked this update, please leave a nice comment below or follow my blog! Thanks girlies, Love you!
Daisy xx

Friday, 22 November 2013

Drugstore Makeup Starter Kit

Hey my lovelies,

I'm really sorry for the lack of posts, its been a very hectic few months. This school year I've felt really worried all the time, and a bit anxious. So I hope that explains my lack of absence... I have wanted to do this post since I started my blog, so I can't wait for you all to read this.

1. Eyes


'Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara' - £7.14 / £4.99

This mascara is amazing, its slick and practically glides on like a dream! It doesn't clump, or smudge and it doesn't come of during the day either! It elongates and volumizes your lashes, and make your eyes pop. It also defines and curls your lashes, this is a beauty must! 


'Rimmel Glam Eyes Professional Liquid Liner' - £5.29 / £1.00 - Fragrance Direct 

Glides on easily, and the brush is very fine so it's very easy to apply onto the lash line, lasts for quite a long time, and also doesn't smudge. Long brush so its easy to hold and apply, love this product!

'MUA Intense Colour Eyeliner' - 99p

Very creamy, and rich. Cheap and amazing, comes with a sharpener which is very handy as its compact. Its long and easy to hold, and apply. Its also gentle on your eyes, which I always have a problem with this. Defiantly recommend this!


'MUA Eyeshadow Palette Undress Me Too' - £4.00

This is an amazing palette, its an affordable palette, with matte and shimmery colours, very pigmented, and they all have beautiful undertones. It's also a great duplicate for the famous Naked Palettes but just as good. If you only buy one product, get this! 

2. Face:


'Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation' - £6.99 / £3.99 - Fragrance Direct 

Buildable and workable coverage, feels very lightweight. Smooth, Matte, Flawless and Dewy feel. Lasts long, gives a slight glow and adapts to your face. Perfect for almost all skin types! 


'Rimmel Stay Matte' - £4.00

Oh my god, I can't speak more highly of this product, and I know everybody loves this! its a long lasting powder, but also transparent so it matches all skin tones! It feels very soft, and perfect on your skin. Gives your skin a healthy glow, and shimmer without looking fake. Although the only bad thing is although the packaging is very cute, its so easily breakable, its smashes and cracks awfully, but for such a cheap price its amazing! I use it every day and it has last me for almost three months!


'Lasting Perfection Collection 2000 Concealer' - £4.19

This concealer is a Instagram and blog cult product. I find it is lightweight and creamy on your skin, however there is only four available colours, and they come out very different on your skin, luckily its quite blendable. It is soft and inexpensive, so I recommend this product highly. 


'Sleek Blush Rose Gold' - £4.49

Very pigmented, compact and is also long lasting. I like how you can get 'matte' and 'shiny' shades, it blends easily, and can also be built up, theres lots of product, its fairly inexpensive and just as good as high end blushes. 

'MUA Blusher' - £1.00 

MUA blushes are very inexpensive, they look naturally flushed without being too much. Blends well, pigmented, very cheap and their is a range of colours available. 

'ELF Blush' - £3.75

I love ElF blushes, they're compact and have glittery undertones which makes your face look slightly glowly, it gives you a really nice slight flush without being over the top.


'Bourjours Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder' - £6.00

Now I haven't personally tried this bronzer yet, as I am using up my 'Benefit Hoola' however, I have heard so much about this that I actually feel like I have used it. I don't think it smells like chocolate but it does look like it. Its buildable, and fits most skin tones. It has gold undertones which gives your cheekbones a nice shimmery summery glow. 

3. Lips


'Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks' - £6.49 / £1.00 - Fragrance Direct

These Lipsticks are so soft, and creamy, and still moisturising  They don't dry out your lips like most lipsticks too, they stay on all day, and they don't crack. Theres a range of colours available, you can get matte or glittery shades. 

'KIKO Smart Lipstick - £3.90' 

I love KIKO lipsticks, they're still moisturising whilst matte too, they don't dry out or crack. They have glittery undertones, which you can see in the light. I cannot stop smelling them, oh my god.. they just smell divine, a bit like coco butter and vanilla. 

4. Extras


'Real Techniques Powder Brush' - £12.99
'Real Techniques Setting Brush' - £8.99 - £6.50 - Fragrance Direct

I only use two brushes, the 'Real Techniques Powder Brush' and the 'Real Techniques Setting Brush' Neither of them are shedding, however they do need to be cleaned very regularly as they store and build up product. They're soft and gentle even on the most sensitive skin. I use my powder brush for powder, bronzer and blush if I am using all three, and my setting brush for concealer. For eyeshadow I use the brushes given in the palettes or my 'MAC Shading brush.' I really recommend Real Technique brushes, they're soft, and they don't shed, they're also inexpensive as they last a very long time. 

So thats it for my 'Drugstore Makeup Starter Kit' I really hope, you enjoyed it, please leave a comment they really make my day, I love checking out your blogs! Anything you want to see just leave a comment below, and I promise I will do it! Thanks for reading! Love you guys!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

How To Look Good Without Makeup

Hi Guys, so I wanted to do this post just to make sure that all you girls know your beautiful, every single one of you! I only wear makeup because it makes me feel more confident in myself, and happier. I don't wear much, because you can still look good without makeup! One of my bestfriends dosn't wear any makeup and she still looks stunning, and you all can too!

So this is a step by step guide on ways to refine AND define your natrual beauty:

1. Cleanse Your Skin...

Wash your face everyday in the morning and night. This will help keep pores to a minimun, and mean your face will appear cleaner and have an even skin tone so you won't need to bother with foundation! Exofilate your skin once a week, this will help rid and tighten pores. It removes dead skin cells and makes your hair look fresh and radiant. You can get exfoliating washes, or you can exfoilate by using a warm face cloth in circular motions. 


a. Try not to touch your skin, this is because the dirt will get on your face creating more pores, and spots. Although tempting, the more you can refrain from this the better your skin will be. 

b. Always remove your makeup. If you do wear any type of makeup leaving it on for long periods of time espically at night, will irritate your skin, clog pores making them stay for longer and become deeper, and can also lead to pimples. 

2. Be Healthy... 

Drinking water daily will help your skin hydrate, leaving your skin looking fresh and natrual. Get at least 8 hours of sleep per night, this will give your skin a chance to repair and restore, so you'll look fresh, feel good, bubbly, and bright and you won't have dark circles under your eyes! 


a. Drink between 5-8 glasses of water a day or one and a half litres of water. This will make sure your hydrated. 

b. Sleeping with cucumbers over your eyes helps reduce puffiness, this is because

c. You can get rid of black circles under your eyes by having ice cubes or a cold damp towel against each of your eyes for thirty seconds (more or less depending on what your skin needs.)

3. Understand Your Skin...

Understand if you have problem prone skin, dry, itritated, Oily, combined skin. Understanding which of these you have will help you find skin washes and mostrisers best for your skin type.


a. Choosing face washes designed for your skin will help calm down your skin, and help with dryness, oilyness, etc.

b. If you feel like you really have to wear makeup, you can get makeup brands spesifically for oily skin types, dryness, etc. This will help calm down your skin from these problems. 

4. Be well groomed...

Shape your eyebrows, keep them trimmed and in shape. Nothings worse that unibrows, or   hairs out of line. Have them shaped, or pluck any random stray hairs. Keep your lips mostrisued by using lip balm this will stop lips from cracking. Keep your hair soft and silky by wahsing your hair regulary, and using hair masks each week. (Lush hair treatments are amazing, there natrual, so they're even better for hair!) Style your hair differently, this will make you more confident! If you use heat appliances use heat protecter this will stop your hair burning, breaking, snapping, or getting step ends.


a. Trim your hair regulary this will stop you from getting split ends, or breaking hair.

b. Comb your eyebrows, with a eyebrow comb this will stop your eyebrows from sticking up, or facing the wrong way making them look out of place, and out of control! Remember your eyebrows are cousins not sisters, so don't worry about getting them perfect! 

c. Instead of using mascara curl your eyelashes, this looks natrual and makes your eyelashes look curly, and long without you wearing makeup!

5. Be confident! 

Being confident in your self will mean others will feel confident around you, and you won't feel the need to wear makeup! Be open, chatty, smily, confident and open! The more smily, and chatty you are will want others to talk to you, etc. 


a. Smile a lot. This will attract others, and your smile is a natrual beautiful thing so use it! 

b. The less you critise yourself, the less you talk about your problems, the less you'll see them too. Hold your chin up high, and be confident!

So I hope this helps you, and I hope you feel more confident! If you do wear makeup, only use as much as you need, go natrual and love yourself!

I'll update twice next week because of half term! Love you guys, have a fantastic weekend! Leave a nice comment below! or become a member and follow me! <3 

Daisy Chain xxx

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Choosing The Right Foundation

Choosing The Right Foundation
Hey, Hey, Hey, 

So I have decided to do this post, because when I went into the 'world of makeup' as some people call it;) a guide like this would have been really helpful. It's not only about choosing the shade, blending it in, but also the TYPE of foundation you need for your skin type.

It is Essential that the foundation you choose matches your skin tone. You don't want to have uneven skin tones, or foundation lines (also known as gravy lines!) you don't want to be walking round looking like a giant cheesy puff!

There are lots of different types of foundation you can use, but these are the four main foundations, that are more commonly used. 

1. Powder - Powder is usually best for oily skin, this is because the powder will stay and set for most of the day, and most powders are oil free so they also won't make your skin any worse. It would also hide your oil prone skin, which I'm sure most of you will be aiming for. It will also give you the best matte look.

2. Liquid - Liquid foundation will give you a light to full coverage, it is the most popular choice too, and one of the smoothest options. It is also easy to apply, and blend. Although because of some of the chemicals involved in this type of foundation it is deffinatly not suitable for sensitive skin, because this will irritate it further. 

3. Stick - Stick foundation is the best for on the go makeup, and touch ups. It is also the best for dry to medium skin types. 

4. Tinted Moisturiser - Tinted Moisturiser is usually best for the perfect skin, which everyone wishes for. Its usually best for someone that dosn't need foundation, but maybe just a little glow, or colour. 

So next is how to apply the foundation... 

There are three/four different ways to apply foundation, some work better than others, and also depends on where about's on your face your applying to. 

1. Brushes - This seems to be the most popular choice at the moment even though it is not nescaurily the best way to apply foundation. It is the bets for liquid/mousse foundation, or blending stick foundation sometimes. Make sure you are cleaning your brushes at least once every two weeks, because they become clogged with product. 

2. Fingers - Although this is properly the least popular choice of blending foundation, although it is also properly the best type of blending foundation. This is because the heat in your body will warm up the foundation type, so it will be easier to apply. However make sure your fingers are clean before applying the foundation otherwise they will clog your pores, and potentially cause other spots to appear. Which you obviously DONT want! 

3. Sponge - A sponge is a good source for applying foundation as the aim is to even out the skin tone, not apply an opaque mask over your skin. Less IS best! A sponge is okay for applying foundation, although they can't really be cleaned, and need to be replace regulary, as they end up taking a lot of the product off your face. 

4. Beauty Blendr - A beauty blendr is becoming highly popular, after such great reviews. Although there is the real beauty blendr, there is also plenty of knock offs by other brands which are cheaper. (Including; Models Own, Mac and just recently Real Techniques launched there own 'Miracle Complexion Sponge/Blendr) The doomed/rounded edge is good for the cheeks, neck line, and forehead, whilst the pointed edge is good for getting at harder to reach places such as the nose, and under eye. It will create a more matte, dewy sheer coverage. It will work slightly best if damp. (Wet, Squeeze, Blend.)

And Finally... 

Selecting The Right Shade...

This is the most important part, as you don't want to be walking around school with gravy or foundation lines! Not a good look! 

When testing foundations don't test on the back of your hand as it's a total different shade than your face! (Although slightly simular) 

Ask a lady on the beauty counters, they SHOULD be more than happy to help and help find your correct shade. A lot of brands are now having electronic testers where they scan your cheeks to find your colour automatically. 

In some cases (rather annoying!) you may need to mix two different shades to find your perfect shade. Which is really annoying as it wastes so much, costs more and is just irratatting. 

So there you have it... the guide to choosing the right foundation shade! I personally don't wear foundation normally (sometimes powder, always concealer) because of my vitiligo which is on my neck is hard to cover, and ends up making my foundation look badly applied, and gives me bad 'lines.' I hope this helped you, please leave a nice comment below they make it all worth while!

Also I'm sorry for the irratic posts, I've been struggling with staying on top of my homework, and generally being organised. Things have been going on, and I'm feeling quite down a lot.. :/ Anyway, hope you enjoyed please leave a nice comment! 

I will check out your blogs if you ask! 

Bye bye my lovlies! 
-Daisy Chain xox


Monday, 29 July 2013

An Introduction To Myself

Hey, Hey, Hey! 

So I've been looking at other blogs, and how they started of there first post! (eeek, I'm so excited ;D )  It seems the thirty facts is a popular one and it seems obvious that I need to introduce myself! So here we go, most of them are the boring general one's hopefully it won't bore you to death!

So I guess, here we go; 

1)  My names Daisy Chain, (My middle name is actually Sian, but I used to pronounce it Shane, and then Chain rhymed with Shane, so I like to say my middle name is 'Chain.' :P I know that's like really obvious considering my profile say's daisy, and my email, but hey! I have to start somewhere right!

2) I have two sisters - Charlotte and Fiona, there both older than me, and there also both half sisters, and one brother -Mark who is also a half brother. 

3) My family is seriously confusing, complete with half brothers/sisters, step moms/dads, second cousins, Step Dad's, etc, but I doubt you care!

4) I have a black and white cat called Wiz, she's five but is so small and cute! <3 Even if she does pratically eat all my friends!

5) I have an addiction with shopping espically for make up, and clothes! I go shopping like two/three times a month :D So I'm like always skint for money!

6) I play the piano, I have done for like two years, I love it :D I have two lessons a week, one with school and one private!

7) I love pre cooked things, so I like cake mix thing, you know the powder stuff you get before you make the cake, or like flapjack mixture before its cooked! I have been known just to eat all of the mix, before I had a chance to cook it!

8) I write stories online, mainly 1D stories, because I LOVE ONE DIRECTION! If you want to read them my name on Wattpad is FollowThoseDreams. 

9) I want to work in the Navy when I'm older, I have done for like three years! 

10) I love little children (Not in that way! Ewww) I help out at a local childminders every thursday, I really want a little brother/sister, but my mum says she's too old, and that I'm a handfull enough! ;( 

11) I was born on the 17th February, in hillingdon hospital. My parents can't remember whether I was born in the morning or afternoon, and also don't know how much I weigh! Round of applause for the best parents in the world right! (Seriously mum and dad, I'd make better parents than you and I'm thirteen.) 

12) Even though I LOVVVEEE make-up I hate using it for the first time! I mean it looks so perfect, espically foundation mouuse, it's so perfectly swirled that when you put your brush in it, or your finger it leaves marks, and it just looks so... so... used!   :'( 

13) I have vitilgo, a skin condition, my self confidence has really been effected which is most likely why I like makeup so much.  

14) I live on my computer, in pyjamas and fluffy socks.

15) I love frosties, like so much, I take them to school to eat in my lunch... But I hate them with milk. 

16) One of my bestfriends lives in America, I visit her every year ;D I miss her lots :( 

17) I also have a friend who lives in Sweedan. 

18) I love One direction, Little mix, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and Ross Lynch. 

19) My favourite songs are 
Fix You - Coldplay, 
Breathe me - Sia, 
I think about you - Austin and Ally, (Ross) 
Nothing Like us - Justin Beiber (I hate JB as a person though, no offence JB) 
Momments, She's not afraid, They don't know about us, Gotta be you - One direction, 
Give me love - Eddy, 
You belong with me - Taylor Swifty 
Change your life - Little Mix, 
Heaven - Emeli Sande, 
I need your love - Ellie Goulding ft Calvin Harris,
Your song - Carly Rose Sonenclar. 

20) I have two amazing best friends, called Cerys and Angel, but I love all my other friends too! (Lauren, Ems, Beth, Hayley, Izzie and lots of others) my friends are amazing, they get me through everything. 

21) I've never had a boyfriend. 

22) I've never has a first kiss! I'm kissless ;'( 

23) My favourite shops are Topshop, River Island, Hollister, Mac, Superdrug, New Look, Primark (I mean who dosn't love cheap cheap CHEAP fashionable clothes) and WHsmith. 

24) I love reading and writing. And I am such a critic when it come's to punctuation and spelling. 

25) My mum works in H&M press office.

26) I use to be a model. 

27) My favourite beauty product is concealer. But I also love foundation, mascara, liquid eye liner, blusher, eyeshadow, lipstick and lip liners, powder, I love the lot, okay!? BUT, I couldn't live without my collection 2000 concealer. I reccomend it highly. 

28) I love models own nail varnish. 

29) I still love disney channel. 

30) I love Jay Ryan from Sea Patrol my favourite TV show.

 I hope you liked that, and I hope I didn't bore my first few readers to death! There will be another post by Sunday as I am yet to arrange a must needed summer shopping trip before I go on holiday! See you soon! xxxx