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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

John Gosnell's - The original Vitamin E Cream*

A few days ago, I received this beautifully packaged cream, and since then have been enjoying it, and thought you might be interested in seeing my review! John Gosnell's is a family business, owned and ran by multiple generations of their family. The company are against animal testing, and do not test their products in that way, which I greatly support. The company dates back to 1677, and now devotes itself to cosmetics, soaps and perfumes.

So for a bit of back ground to my skin type; I have combination skin so my cheeks consist of dry patches and chicken skin, where as the rest of my face consists of oily skin and occasional break outs. So when I received this cream, I knew it would cater to the dry patches of my skin, and it of course did just that.  It has reduced the dry patches, and my skin looks far more radiant than prior use.

The consistency is fairly thick, but it is one of the only creams that don't leave a nasty residue or greasy feel to the skin. It's a lovely light weight formula and completely sinks into the skin incredibly quickly. Which I love, because I apply this in the morning I find it works really nicely with priming my makeup, and I don't have to wait for it to dry. The cream has a strong lavender fragrance, which I personally like and didn't find that it irritated my skin. (Some fragranced products, agitate my skin!)

I also asked my mum to try it, as obviously she is older than me and I wanted to get somebody from a different age category's opinion (plus my mum is defiantly a secret skin care junkie if you ask me..) she also really enjoyed using it, and quoted 'it makes your skin feel really smooth and refreshed.'

So that is my overall opinion of the Vitamin E Cream, which I am currently enjoying! If you would like to purchase this, just pop over to their website; which you can visit here!

Will you be purchasing this? What post would you like to see next on Daisy's Teen Beauty Blog?

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Heat Free Hairstyles

(Thank you to my bestfriend Cerys for creating these beautiful looks and taking the equally as beautiful pictures!)

As most of you know, I apply direct heat to my hair almost every day. As you can guess, my hair is not the most healthiest! So having days off where I don't apply heat (and my hair still looks cute) is the best thing to do for me. It also means I get a lie in!

1. Waterfall
Start of parting you hair in the middle, and section off the top third of your hair. Divide the section into three parts. Braid your hair towards the back of your head in a french braid styles. To create the waterfall look, once you've reached the last part of the first braid section drop the final strand of hair. (Now it gets complicated..) Pick up a new strand of hair located next to the strand that you've droped to create the waterfall section. Contine your waterfall look by picking up the next section of hair located beside the inital piece you dropped. Continue braiding towards the middle of your head. Repeat the initial step and drop the last section of hair, and pick up a section next to the dropped hair section. Now secure the braid with elastics and bobby pins if needed. I like the look when it begins to get messy, so I let the pieces start to fall. This hairstyle looks so beautiful!

2. French Braid 
Begin by sectioning your hair, taking a large section from the top center of your head. It should be about 3/4 inches wide. Separate the section into strands into three equal strands. Take the three sections and create a few rows of a regular braid by taking the strand on the right and crossing it over the centre. Then take the strand from the left and cross it over the centre. Continue the braid by crossing the strands diagonally over the centre strand. Continue braiding your hair and secure it with a braid.

3. French Braid Twist Bun
After you have braided your hair into a french braid, then take the hair from the bottom and begin twisting it into a bun and secure with an elastic, and of course bobby pins too. This hairstyle is great if you want something that looks like you spent a long time creating, it's also super cute for work!

4. Half Twist
I don't actually know if this is what its called but I think the name works! Start by parting your hair in the middle and take the front section on the left side and begin twisting it, secure with a bobby pin. Take the front section on the right side and begin twisting it and secure with a bobby pin. I love this hairstyle as it keeps my hair out of my face all day and looks super cute!

I hope they made some sense for you all, and you are able to recreate them! What's your favourite hairstyle?

I also recommend checking out my friends blog and youtube channel! I love them! They are also linked, so please go check them out!

Monday, 13 October 2014

How to Revise Successfully

Hey Guys,

I'm sorry that this isn't a beauty related post, but I thought it would be useful for the most of you!(Seeing as the majority of you are teenagers, and currently in high school whether you may be studying for end of term assessment, gcse's or As Levels I hope this will be helpful either way!)

1. Flashcards
I personally find flashcards the most helpful when I'm revising (depending on what I need to revise for) I write questions on the front that I need to memerise, and write awnsers on the back. I will then look at the questions, and try to remember the answer. Alternatively, you can just right helpful words, that may jog your memory. I know a few of my friends prefer tha way! Either way works just as efficiently! DONT SPEND TIME MAKING THEM LOOK NICE!!

2. Post-it Notes
Post it notes should be your best friend during a revision period. You can write important facts that you need to remeber and place them in your books, or on flash cards, etc. When I am studying for History and Georgraphy in particular I write key facts on post it notes and stick them in my room or in the kitchen by the fridge. (The places where I find myself most often...) that way you will start to assciate particuar facts with certain objects. In an exam its particually useful as when you need to remeber certain facts, you can associate it with the object you placed it with in your room. (If that made any sense.. You catch my drift..)

3. Highlighters
I guess this is an obvious choice of revision, but try and utalise your highlighters in different ways. If their is a long piece of text, highlight the date in one color, the important information in another, and extra detail in another. This way when you come back to revise closer to exams, its easy to depict the important information, decreasing your work load. Also prevents you from drifting from the actual answer itself, and eventually talking yourself out of the marks. (Which, I've done plenty of times!)

4. Organise Your Revision
Make a schedule for revision, (especially useful if you are doing GCSE'S/As Levels) Give yourself some time to relax, and take in your revision. (Every Hour/Two)  Cramming is possibly the worst, as it's overwhelming and stressful. Have a week of focusing on one topic, and the next a different. Make sure your always revisiting previous work through out the year, and have a quiet, comfortable place thats free of distraction.

5. Start Revising Early
Don't start you revision two months before, if you are able to start as early as possible. As I mentioned earlier cramming is not a good technique. Wake up early (around 9am) that way you can stop revising earlier, and spend the rest of your day relaxing. It also gives you something to look forward to, and stops you from procrastinating.

6. Teach it to someone/Revision Buddy
Go through a particular section, reciting it and then teach it to someone. Whether that may be your family, or revision buddy. Never do it with your friend, as you'll end up procrastinating and won't actually learn anything. Revision buddy's are a great way to revise, they should be someone in at least two/three classes so your understanding of each other's position and levels, some one that is close to your MEG and also if possible should you not be your friend as you'll end up procrastinating again.

So I hope that helps any of you that are revising, and I wish you the best of luck! (Even though, it's not really exam term!)

Please leave me your suggestions for revision tips, and blog posts that you would like to see!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Review

(Sorry this is so rambly.. Not very good at reviews as you can tell!)

If you read my Sephora Haul (which you can read here) then you'll know that I bought this palette whilst on holiday! I was debating whether to get this or the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette and I mentioned that I would do a full review and let you know if I was enjoying it; so here it is!

The first thing I noticed about this palette was the smell. As soon as you open it, theirs a beautiful waft of cocoa butter/beans, it's quite a strong sweet smell that lingers. (In a good way.) The smell is most likely the reason why I am lusting over the rest of the Too Faced Chocolate Range. I don't really know how it ended up getting in my mouth but it did.. anyway, it totally tastes like chocolate too! If your someone like me, and somehow ends up with eyeshadow in your mouth (and having a coughing fit soon after) then you need this.

The pigmentation is absolutly amazing, I am going as far as saying that they are the best eyeshadows I own! (and I own A LOT of eyeshadows) The eyeshadows are very much densley packed, which I love due to the limited fall out. Although, I love the Urban Decay Naked Palettes the amount of fall out has meant that I don't reach for it very often. (Hopefully, it was just the odd one, as I would like to try the Naked3!)

The range of colours/shades has meant this is my favourite palette. Of all time.There is a variety of shades, meaning their are a number or transion, and crease shades. The amount of shades also means the amount of looks you can create are endless. They blend and apply beautifully, and last an incredibly long time!

The packaging is also amazing, its neat, compact and thin. Unlike most palettes, I believe you are getting what you paid for, they give you (in my opinion) quite a generous size, and I can see these lasting an incredibly long time since a little bit really does go a long way.

If you have the chance to, I would deffinatly recommend going down to your local Sephora/
Debenhams and checking it out. I recommend this 100%, totally in love with this!

What's your favourite palette? Will you be purchasing this?

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Autumn Wishlist

I want
So recently I've been lusting over so many products, and I personally love reading posts like this, but if you don't thats fine with you!

1. Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel
This propebly should of been of my Summer Wishlist, but i've heard so much about this and it has only recently intrigued me, and since I don't own many cream bronzers I though it deserved a place on my Autumn wish list.

2. Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color in Tawny Pink
I'm not a huge lipstick lover, but I would love to get a dark nude for Autumn and this seems like a perfect shade for me! I've also always wanted to dry a Bobbi Brown Lipstick!

3. NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Isolade or Kalahri
When I was in Sephora last month, I was swatching some of the Nars Eyeshadows without paying much attention or having anyplan to buy these, and they were like butter. The pigmentation was better than anything I've ever seen and I'm now dying to buy a few! (Yes I said a few..)

4. Urban Outiftters Tarten Scarf
Its not autumn without an Urban Outiftters TARTEN scarf.

5. Chanel Mat Lumiere Luminous Matte Powder
Having heard so many things about Chanel makeup and being a powder junkie has meant this had ended up on my wish list. 

6. Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush 
I only own two brands of make up brushes that being MAC and real techniques, and now I'm desperate to add Bobbi Brown, Sigma, Marc Jacobs and Zoeva to my collection...

7. Glamglow Super-mud Clearing Treatment 
This is only the most raved about products at the moment, and I've been having skin issues recently (breakouts and general dullness) and this is said to improve both dramatically.

8. Dr Martens Drench Wellington Boots
Boots are a must have for me in winter, and I would love a pair of combat boots and Dr Martens have been on my lust list for a while now.

9. Yankee Candle Medium Tumbler in Christmas Cookie
Christmas candles smell so good, and I have been waiting all year to get my hands on The Christmas Cookiee scent, they make your whole room smell so good and I love them!

10. Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder. 
This has been one of those products that I have wanted to try for ages, the reviews are amazing for this product and its said to completley blur your under eye circles! I have also wanted to try some more Laura Mercier products for a while!

11. Too Faced Cocoa Matte Foundation in Light
You know that I'm a powder junkie, and having loved Too faced - espically their chocolate bar palette I knew that I needed to try this having heard a m a z i n g things about it.

12. Better Than Sex Mascara 
Mascaras are basically a never ending quest to find the perfect one, my favourite at the moment (Smashbox Full Exposure) is due to run out soon and I've always got at least one mascara on my lust list and this is the one I've been eyeing for a while.

13. Topshop Chelsea Boots 
It's not christmas without Chelsea Boots.

14. Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow
Again reading reviews about this has meant its landed itself on my wish list.

15. MAC Eyeshadow in Satin Taupe/Cranberry/TwinksAntiqued/Fling/Club
As most of you already know I have a MAC Palette that I'm filling up, and I have a list on my phone so when I go into MAC I know which shades I want, and these are the six I want next! (I only have seven spaces left, so leave me your recomendations below!)

16. Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue
Too faced is a brand that I absolutly love (possibly my favourite..) and I need a new eye primer so it's landed on the list.

17. Nars Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base
Amazing revews again have meant that it's landed on my Autumn Wishlst.

18. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original 
I am debating whether to get this one, the Nars or the Too Faced, as all three have had amazing reviews and Urban Decay is also infamous for its primers!

So thats my Autumn Wishlist, what have you been pining for recently? What's your favourite eye primer?