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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your name?
Daisy Sian Butterworth. (Everyone always calls me Daisy Shaun!) 

How old are you?
I am currently fifteen, and my birthday is February 17th 2000. 

Where are you based?
I am based just outside London. 

What camera do you use?
As since May I have been using my Dad's LUMIX GF5 unless stated otherwise, it will be very rare that I will use anything else than the LUMIX. 

How did you achieve your blog layout?
I actually had alot of help from two lovely girls - Jenna and Emily. They are both gorgeous girls, that have amazing blogs, they gave up their free time to help me design my blog and make it perfect. I am so thankful! However my blog header was designed by me, on picmonkey using their edit tools. 

What should you expect when you start a blog?
Thinking, thinking, thinking. The whole day I'm literally thinking of what might look good on my blog, what might interest you, or how I could make it better. You should also expect a lot of stress, I literally freak out when I can't update, or can't get the right lighting for photo's. Expect challenges, and devotion. During the first few months and first few posts devote yourself. You will not receive many page views or comments, but slowly your audience will pick up as will your blog. Blogging takes up a lot of time, but it is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. 

Why did you start 'Daisy's Teen Beauty Blog'?
I started this blog because I got into a stage where I got addicted to youtube video's and I really wanted to start a youtube channel but my self esteem held me back, and blogging is a little more concealing as you don't have to show your face, etc. I also LOVED writing -  I had a wattpad account and I wrote a lot of stories, but then I started this blog - it had no ties and nobody knew it was me, it was a way of starting over. I longed to start over (I think I was going through a rough kind of patch and I was kind of confused and really not enjoying myself - wrong choice of words but you know what I mean) and then I started this blog. I also wanted to be some kind of writer, or have something to do with writing and I think I would like to be a beauty editor/journalist and I would LOVE to continue my blog - it might need a new name though!

What are your recommendations for starting a beauty blog, or blog in general?
My best tips for starting a blog is to have a regular update or scheduled posts as my audience and followers really started to increase when I updated on a regular basis, and I am trying to update even more frequently to increase my audience followers. I would also recommend writing a personal post about yourself, something which can allow your readers to sympathise and connect. I wrote about my self as-teem and skin condition along with my social anxiety, and they were also quite popular posts. Finally I would also recommend staying on top of trends, tags and posts - popular blog posts will really help to increase audience. 


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