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Saturday, 28 December 2013

How to Contour, Highlight and Blush!

So this post is pretty much self explanatory! This post will help you to apply highlight, blush, and bronzer. You will need a contour brush, and powder brush, and a highlighter, bronzer and blusher.

I am using the Real Techniques powder brush, Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, the MAC '168' Brush, Hoola Bronzer, Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in 'Soft and Gentle' and Mac Blush in 'Harmony' 

1. First I apply primer, this helps to even your complexion, and keep your make up as fresh as possible, I normally go with Benefit's Porefessional or Smashbox's Photo finish primer, but any primer which works if fine.

2. So to begin with I contour. This will emphasise your cheekbones. Make sure you choose a colour best suited for you, so not to dark, a light colour is best as you can build up easily, and gives you more of a choice depending on the occasion. To apply this using my 'Real Techniques expert face brush' as it is a great shape for my small face. I suck in my cheekbones so I can easily find where they are situated, and using my contou
r brush I start from the highest point of my cheek near my ear and work downwards. I then use my powder brush to blend in so the contour isn't to harsh. I then apply a tiny bit of bronzer on my temple close to my hairline, and the bottom of my neck, and any where else the sun may bronze me up! Depending on the occasion I may repeat if I want a bit more, or may blend further if I want a slightly more natural look.

3. The next step is to now apply the highlight; I apply this using the same 'MAC 168' and I start on top of the check bones so very slightly above the bronzer. I do this in circular motions, again I use the 'Real Techniques Powder Brush' to blend it in. I also like to highlight my brow bone which is just below the eyebrow, and down the centre of my nose. You can also highlight between your brows, on your cupids bow and the centre of your chin, or any where else you may like a highlighted glow!

4. The final step is the blusher. I think this is the hardest part as if it goes wrong you have to start all over again, it is also hard to pinpoint the part of your cheeks which blushes. Try going for a slightly more natural colour if your just starting over, and experiment when you feel more confident. I don't always apply blusher, as I normally have a natural pink glow on my cheeks anyway. I apply the blush on the apples of my cheeks. This may mean you'll need to do a really big cheesy grin in the mirror to apply. I use my 'Real Techniques Expert Face Brush' and tap of the excess and then blend in circular motions, depending on my mood I may choose to build up the colour or blend it in further.

That is all it is too it! If your first trying off with the seperate techniques, it is best to practise a few times until you feel confident to combine all three skills, and experiment with your look which best suits you! I hope this helped! If your still confused about where to apply, then look online at images there are lots of great diagrams! (I can't put them on here due to copyright)

Love Daisy
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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

How To Protect Your Hair From Heat

Hey, I'm sorry for the infrequent updates, I've been really busy the past few weeks. But, now we have a few weeks off, I can now finally update my blog for you chummies! I hope you like this post, about how to protect your hair from heat, Some of you may know that I straighten my hair everyday, so it's not in excellent condition, however it's not actually that bad either… In this post I'll tell you how I manage to protect my hair from my straighteners.

1. Apply Heat Protectant 

You can get these almost anywhere, I buy mine from super drug and have been loving VO5's Heat protect. I first part my hair, and apply the top layer in a clip and apply heat protecter. I brush it out, and then leave it to dry. If you try and straighten your hair when its wet it will burn your hair,
so make sure you wait for it to dry out. 

2. Apply Deep Conditioning Masks when Possible

I personally LOVE Lush's H'suan Wen Hua! I apply this all over my hair and leave for 30 minutes to an hour. I get about three to four uses of the pot it retails at £8.95 This basically restores mositure, and improves the condition of your hair. Since using my split ends have improved so much! I recommend it so much! You can get deep conditioners, from almost anywhere including super drug and boots.

3. Use good Shampoo's and Conditioners

Using high end shampoos and conditioners, really makes huge differences to your hair. Since I have been using Aussie my hair has drastically improved. They work wonders on frizzy and heat damaged hair, and last a long time. There also often on offer in boots for 3 for £10! They make your hair shiny, and have reduced the amount of split ends I have. I also recommend Dove Intensive Repair, its much cheaper but works just as efficiently. Both have drastically improved the condition of my hair, and leaving it soft and shiny. 

4. Have Days Off

I seem like a hypocrite saying this, but just not straightening your hair, and leaving it for a few days will  improve the condition of your hair. Try having the weekends off, and just throw it in a bun, so it can recover. Or just try going to school with it up instead of curling, or straightening it. Try heatless hairstyles such as natural waves by plaiting your hair overnight, so it will be wavy in the morning, or sleep in curlers. Or french braid it, it makes a nice change and gives your hair time to recover. 

5. After Washing Your Hair TIPS

Don't brush your hair when its wet, as its more vulnerable to breakage, and don't brush your hair in the shower either. Wash your hair in the evening, then you won't need to blow dry it. Apply leave in conditioner overnight, and when your going to bed with wet hair, sleep on a towel as pillow cases cause friction damage, which breaks your hair. 

6. Tips

When you wash your hair try to keep the water as cold as possible, this well help seal vitamins, as well as preventing more heat damage. Don't wash your hair everyday, washing your hair everyday causes it to become greasy much more quickly, and also means your need to apply heat everyday. If you don't need to wash your hair everyday, then try just straightening your hair once after you wash it and leave it until you need to wash it again. 

I hope you all have a wonderful chirstmas and week off, my next update will be in January after the 7th as I'm going on holiday to Egypt! Hope you all enjoy your time of from school, and enjoyed this update! Bye my lovelies!!
Daisy xx