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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Choosing The Right Foundation

Choosing The Right Foundation
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So I have decided to do this post, because when I went into the 'world of makeup' as some people call it;) a guide like this would have been really helpful. It's not only about choosing the shade, blending it in, but also the TYPE of foundation you need for your skin type.

It is Essential that the foundation you choose matches your skin tone. You don't want to have uneven skin tones, or foundation lines (also known as gravy lines!) you don't want to be walking round looking like a giant cheesy puff!

There are lots of different types of foundation you can use, but these are the four main foundations, that are more commonly used. 

1. Powder - Powder is usually best for oily skin, this is because the powder will stay and set for most of the day, and most powders are oil free so they also won't make your skin any worse. It would also hide your oil prone skin, which I'm sure most of you will be aiming for. It will also give you the best matte look.

2. Liquid - Liquid foundation will give you a light to full coverage, it is the most popular choice too, and one of the smoothest options. It is also easy to apply, and blend. Although because of some of the chemicals involved in this type of foundation it is deffinatly not suitable for sensitive skin, because this will irritate it further. 

3. Stick - Stick foundation is the best for on the go makeup, and touch ups. It is also the best for dry to medium skin types. 

4. Tinted Moisturiser - Tinted Moisturiser is usually best for the perfect skin, which everyone wishes for. Its usually best for someone that dosn't need foundation, but maybe just a little glow, or colour. 

So next is how to apply the foundation... 

There are three/four different ways to apply foundation, some work better than others, and also depends on where about's on your face your applying to. 

1. Brushes - This seems to be the most popular choice at the moment even though it is not nescaurily the best way to apply foundation. It is the bets for liquid/mousse foundation, or blending stick foundation sometimes. Make sure you are cleaning your brushes at least once every two weeks, because they become clogged with product. 

2. Fingers - Although this is properly the least popular choice of blending foundation, although it is also properly the best type of blending foundation. This is because the heat in your body will warm up the foundation type, so it will be easier to apply. However make sure your fingers are clean before applying the foundation otherwise they will clog your pores, and potentially cause other spots to appear. Which you obviously DONT want! 

3. Sponge - A sponge is a good source for applying foundation as the aim is to even out the skin tone, not apply an opaque mask over your skin. Less IS best! A sponge is okay for applying foundation, although they can't really be cleaned, and need to be replace regulary, as they end up taking a lot of the product off your face. 

4. Beauty Blendr - A beauty blendr is becoming highly popular, after such great reviews. Although there is the real beauty blendr, there is also plenty of knock offs by other brands which are cheaper. (Including; Models Own, Mac and just recently Real Techniques launched there own 'Miracle Complexion Sponge/Blendr) The doomed/rounded edge is good for the cheeks, neck line, and forehead, whilst the pointed edge is good for getting at harder to reach places such as the nose, and under eye. It will create a more matte, dewy sheer coverage. It will work slightly best if damp. (Wet, Squeeze, Blend.)

And Finally... 

Selecting The Right Shade...

This is the most important part, as you don't want to be walking around school with gravy or foundation lines! Not a good look! 

When testing foundations don't test on the back of your hand as it's a total different shade than your face! (Although slightly simular) 

Ask a lady on the beauty counters, they SHOULD be more than happy to help and help find your correct shade. A lot of brands are now having electronic testers where they scan your cheeks to find your colour automatically. 

In some cases (rather annoying!) you may need to mix two different shades to find your perfect shade. Which is really annoying as it wastes so much, costs more and is just irratatting. 

So there you have it... the guide to choosing the right foundation shade! I personally don't wear foundation normally (sometimes powder, always concealer) because of my vitiligo which is on my neck is hard to cover, and ends up making my foundation look badly applied, and gives me bad 'lines.' I hope this helped you, please leave a nice comment below they make it all worth while!

Also I'm sorry for the irratic posts, I've been struggling with staying on top of my homework, and generally being organised. Things have been going on, and I'm feeling quite down a lot.. :/ Anyway, hope you enjoyed please leave a nice comment! 

I will check out your blogs if you ask! 

Bye bye my lovlies! 
-Daisy Chain xox