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Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas Chat!

First of I just want to wish you a very happy christmas and new year, I hope you had a wonderful time with all of your family and friends! Secondly, this is basically inspired by Zoe's book because the blog posts within the book (which I read in a day, and totally love and recommend) really inspired me to write a post that's a bit more chatty and friendly rather than my usual posts. (Which I like to think are professional and carefully written.)

I'm sorry that I didn't finish 'BLOGMAS'  It is really annoying me how it is not finished, but as you know I had a GCSE exam for English (a subject in which I hope to travel down it's career path) and it honestly completely threw me of target. The day before the exam was the first day I did not write a post because I had a complete freak out, crying, screaming, arguing - the fall lot. Then it got to about Eleven that night before I realised (around the time that I had just calmed down) and freaked again and in a total rush wrote a post I was not happy about. When I came to the photo it was dark (due to the AWFUL false lighting) and blurry. I was about to post it (please note I was still crying) when I decided to read the previous few posts, (I don't know why, but you know where your in that crying stage where nothing makes sense anymore so you pretty much do anything? Just me? Okay, anyway I was in that stage so reading my old posts seemed like a good idea..) and I read my post about blogging tips, and secrets. I then read about the part where I mention needing a break and realised that I'm not even sticking to my own advice. It was then that I realised I didn't need to finish BLOGMAS (although I really want to) because I don't want to write and upload posts on my blog that are lacking or one's that I'm not happy with - I want my blog to be filled with posts that I'm happy about. Long story short, I think I need a break. Not a long one, just until around January (after my holiday) I wanted to let you know so that you know I'm not abandoning my blog! I think I need a break so I can come back even better, refreshed and re - energised.

I also wanted to let you know that I am properly contemplating youtube now, I feel like there are more reasons to do it than reasons not to. I just thought that you guys should know that I am now planning on starting in February, depending on the response I get from you guys! Youtube is something I've wanted to do for so long, but I've been held back due to my self confidence but if I don't do it now I feel like it will be a missed opportunity and I'll regret it. But sometimes you have to brave your fears to realise how there not so scary after all. That's one of my new years resolution - to brave my fears. Most of my fears (bar snakes) are not material objects or animals but rather ideas.. Talking in public, being in large crowds, parties, etc. I'd love to know your new years resolutions and fears! Let me know in the comments below!

Okay, that was all I wanted to talk to you about! Oh,and all the posts that were planned for blogmas shall still be posted just will not be classed as 'BLOGMAS' anymore! I hope you all had an absolutely amazing christmas! Lots of Love, Daisy x

Monday, 15 December 2014

The Christmas Tag - BLOGMAS DAY FIFTEEN!

I thought that I' d do The Christmas Tag for you today, and let you know what I enjoy over The Christmas period!

1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie/s?
My Favourite Christmas Movie would be either ELF or How The Grinch Stole Christmas probably because there the only christmas movies I've watched but I love them both.

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
Who opens their presents on Christmas Eve? I definitely open my presents on Christmas Morning, but my parents get myself, my sister and our cousins a Christmas Eve present which is basically just christmas pj's and slippers that me and my sister tend not to where.

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
My memory is absolutely awful, so this is perhaps the only christmas I actually remember but it is a cute memory that I have. So I was going through the age of where your not sure if you believe in Father Christmas or not so they wanted to try and convince me he was real so they sprinkled icing sugar across the fireplace and got my dads boots and stamped in the icing sugar so it looked like footprints. However, it totally backfired because I like the taste of snow so I wanted to eat it and then when I did I realised it was actually icing sugar so then I found out Father Christmas wasn't real!

4. Favourite festive food?
I am a really fussy eater, so I don't actually enjoy festive foods and my parents don't tend to cook festive foods but if I had to choice I really enjoy pigs in blankets and home-cooked sausage rolls.. Not quite sure if their festive but they are the foods we make around the time of Christmas. And I also totally love chocolate, but thats not really festive food! 

5. Favourite Christmas gift?
My Favourite Christmas gift as a child was a Wii, but as I've grown older my parents normally just give me money as it's easier for them as I frequently change my mind, but this year I've asked for GHD Eclipse Straighteners so hopefully I'll receive them and they'll be my favourite christmas gift!

6. Favourite Christmas scent?
I don't like spice-y scents I'm definitely a sweet scented girl, so I like christmas cookie and salted caramel by Yankee Candle.

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
I wouldn't call it a tradition but as I said earlier my parents buy us christmas pj's and me and my sister are meant to wear them that night and on christmas morning. 

8. What tops your tree?
Normally a weird doll thing. 

9. As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?

I don't think that I ever asked for crazy gifts that I didn't receive  I think I usually asked for  baby annabelle merchandise and had quite a big collection as I was growing up like most girls my age.

10. What's the best part about Christmas for you?
My Christmas tends to vary so I don't think I have a best part of Christmas but I do love waking up on christmas morning and trying to get my family up and awake and then playing just dance when my family are drunk is always really funny.

I'd love to hear what your favourite christmas memory was so please let me know in the comments below!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Everyday Makeup Tutorial - BLOGMAS DAY FOURTEEN!

So ever since I started this blog it's been requested so many times to write an Everyday Makeup Routine/Tutorial and I'm finally writing it! So without further a doh lets get into it! I really hope you like it!

Step One - Concealer. Apply concealer underneath your eyes to conceal dark circles, and over any blemishes, or dark spots you may have. You can also use it as a brightener/highlighter on your forehead, nose and chin and on your eyelids as a primer for eyeshadow. Then blend your concealer in using a brush or your fingers. I have used the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer along with the Real Techniques Pointed Foundation brush as it allows accurate and precise blending.

Step Two: Bronzer. Prior to this step you can also apply foundation however I don't wear foundation hence I didn't include it. So using a figure of three formation, apply the bronzer from your temples, into the hollows of your cheeks and across the bottom of your chin and face. This gives your face a bit of colour, tan and definition.

Step Three - Contour. Contouring allows you to bring out any features and also shapes and defines your face.  I only contour down my nose as I hate the shape of my nose and I like to lengthen it. You can also contour in the hollows of your cheeks if you choose to. Apply the contour in a straight line down each side of the nose, and blend using a brush that has the remained of your foundation and/or concealer. To contour your cheekbones simply suck in your cheeks and apply the contour on the outlines of your cheekbones to create a 'chiselled' look.

Step Four - Blush. Use a golden toned pink to bring out the natural flush in your cheeks apply with a precision angled brush. Apply it to the apples of your cheeks and blend it in using a large fluffy brush. I used the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush as it accurately places blusher across my cheeks. This warms up your face, and adds a sutble glow and complexion.

Step Five - Powder. Use either a translucent powder or a powder matched to your skin tone to 'lock' in your makeup. Use a large dense brush to apply it all across your face, this combats oils and sets your makeup for the remainder of your day.

Step Six - Comb and shape your eyebrows. Using an eyebrow comb (or an old mascara wand) brush your eyebrows according to their natural shape. You can also use an eyebrow mascara to create a dense look or an eyebrow pencil to fill in any gaps or sparse areas.

Step Seven - Mascara. Use a mascara wand and go from the bottom of your lashes to the very top. Using the brush wiggle from the base of your lashes and go from each side - this makes it look like your wearing perfectly placed eyeliner and takes half the time. I used the Smashbox Full Exposure mascara as it's my current favourite - it adds length, definition and volume.

So I hope you enjoyed that post - I'd love to hear what your every day makeup routine is! If you'd like to know what products I use let me know in the comments as I could totally write a post for that!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

The Secrets of Blogging - BLOGMAS DAY THIRTEEN!

I can't believe there's only eleven days left until christmas, slightly scary but I cannot wait! Anyway, there are many unknown secrets to blogging that I thought I'd share with you too!

1. Domain Name
The name of your blog matters hugely, much to many's disbelief. For example, if you name it after yourself it would take a longer amount of time for people to find, where as if you name it 'beauty blog' or 'teen advice' people would be more likely to find it as they search for 'teen advice' specifically rather than your name. Of course you can change your domain name whenever you would like to so you can always then change it to something different. I'm not saying that your blog will not become successful but it may take a longer amount of time for readers to find it. I actually personally don't like the name 'Daisy's Teen Beauty Blog' and would rather something different but I know that teenagers or brands are more likely to find it as they specifically search for 'Teen Beauty Blog'.

2. Blogging Community 
There is no such thing as the blogging community, and theres not actually a way to 'join' instead just get stuck in. Email bloggers, comment on different blogs and just generally get stuck in by talking to different bloggers and making friends. Blogging friends is a fabolous way to advertise, as other readers/bloggers may see your comments or your new friend may even mention your blog on a post, or to their friends and family!

3. Pictures
Everybody judges a post by the name and the picture; the pictures are of course the most important they instantly either draw a reader in or push them away. Ultimately it decides whether their going to read the post or not - and I personally recommend taking all the photos yourself as it's more personal to the reader and yourself. Try and include something else in the background rather than just having a plain background as of course its more interesting, fairly lights or tea lights are a great way to spice up the photo or add some seasonal effects light christmas hats for Decemeber or leaves for autumn! Also utilise natural light, mid day is the best time to take photos! If you have written a few posts all ready take the time to do as many photos as you can so there all ready prepared.

4. Post Name
The name you entitle the post is perhaps one of the most important parts, as it determines the audience you receive. If you name a post something like 'Foundation Routine' rather than 'What Foundation I Wear every day' you'll actually receive a higher audience amount so try and base the Blog title around what readers are more likely to search for. (Hopefully that makes sense) Always try and make the title as relatable as the content as possible!

I hope this gives you some insight on blogging secrets, if you know any please let me know below - I'd love to hear about them!

Friday, 12 December 2014

Bobbi Brown Corrector Review - BLOGMAS DAY TWELVE!

(I know a few of you don't like it when I do reviews, and since I have been doing a lot of reviews lately I thought I'd just mention that I know the vast majority enjoy them and find them useful so I'm really sorry but I want to try and please everyone. There will be some more tutorials coming your way very soon but as you know tutorials take a little extra time!)

As mentioned in my top five concealer post, I love this corrector and use it daily therefore I thought I'd do an in depth review to let you know how I use it and if I recommend it.

I use this prior to concealer and use it directly below my eyes using it anywhere where I can see purple or blue undertones (most particularly the eye area), and I also use in areas where I have redness. This is because the salmon colour combats both red, blue and purple tones of the skin. It's coverage is incredibly high, and does not crease - much to my surprise. It's a very thick formula so you only need the smallest amount and HAVE to set this with powder. The staying power isn't the greatest but then again my face is very oily so you might not have that problem. I warm it up between my fingers before using, and then begin concealing.

Although the formula is very thick it definitely does not feel at all heavy on the skin, and as long as you blend it all in, it lays unnoticeable on the skin. With this corrector the least the better does apply, it's a corrector that may take a little extra time working out how it works the best for your skin and yourself but it is most definitely worth it in my opinon. It offers full coverage, and lasts an incredibly long time which in my mind makes it quite good value for money. The Bobbi Brown corrector retails for £19, and you can purchase it here.

Have you tried The Bobbi Brown Corrector? Will you be trying it?

Thursday, 11 December 2014

How To Do A Smokey Eye - BLOGMAS DAY ELEVEN!

God, this month is definately whizzing by! Which means my dreaded English GCSE exam is closer (Thursday 18th for those wondering!) but on a lighter note it means Christmas is getting closer and closer! Thankfully, I'm all prepared and have bought everybody's gifts and there all ready wrapped! Anyway, I thought that today I would write a Smokey Eye Tutorial, it's a post that I have been planning and working on for a long time and have been so excited to upload! I hope this is all useful for you, and you enjoy this post!

Start this look by wetting your eyeshadow brush very slightly and picking up a champagne shade, by wetting the brush it allows the eyeshadow to become more vibrant and also holds the eyeshadow in place for a longer amount of time and prevents creasing! You can also use a primer to keep the shadows in place, however my primers were a bit to dark for my friends eyelids so I didn't personally use them. Then use a strip of cellotape and place it in line with your eye and eyebrow end to catch the fallout and to also make it look really neat. (If you do not like the abruptness then simply blend the edges with a brush after taking off the cellotape.)

Using a small liner brush place a dark colour in a V Shape in your outer corner. (As seen in the second photo.) Make this as dark as possible as when you blend it, it looses a lot of color, then using a small shader brush apply a light color (I used a gold with green undertones) within the centre of the V Shape you have created. This adds a hint of colour, allows the eye to stand out a bit more and also works as a transition shade. You can also use a lighter shade of the color you have choosen as a transition shade if you wish, it's also slightly easier so I recommend that if your just starting of.

Then using a blending brush softly begin blending the colours within each other, focusing more attention within the middle and less on the outer corner. If it gets too light or you want to achieve a 'Smokey-Er Eye' then you can always go back in and apply some more of the darker shade or the transitional shade - you can keep doing this until you create your desired look. 

Slowly and with practise it should start to come together and eventually you'll be able to do it very easily. I would recommend doing it with your eye open as you can create it basing on what it looks like with your eye open hence it will look far better. As you can see in the photo above I created it with her eye shut so it would look good in the photos of her eyes shut, rather than with it open so it looks a bit odd in the centre photo. I also don't recommend going right up to your eyebrow as I only did it for the photos, I recommend stopping just above your crease.

I really hope you enjoyed this, and you found it helpful! Let me know in the comments if you found his helpful and what eyeshadow shades you like to use! 

Top Five Concealers - BLOGMAS DAY TEN!

If you know me then you know I am a complete concealer junkie, concealers is one of the only beauty products I believe you never really stop buying. There's always a new concealer I haven't tried that I want to try, and over the past year I have built up a small collection of concealers I love and swear by, and use daily. I thought that it would be useful for you to find out about my top five concealers!

1. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer
I recently did a full review on my blog because I love it so much and you can find it here if your interested in reading it. It's incredibly creamy (as the name states) melts and blends into your face seamlessly. Does not crease nor fade, and perhaps the only concealer I have tried that actually lasts all throughout the day. My dark under eyes circles are completely hidden and i've utterly fallen in love with this concealer. The only cons are the price for the amount you receive and as it's a radiant brightening concealer it does not conceal blemishes very well.

2. MAC Prolongwear Concealer
This concealer, is an all round concealer. It provides quite high coverage and can conceal both under eye circles and spots; however it does begin to fade throughout the day although does not crease. The cons for this concealer, is the thickness and consistency as it drys very rapidly so you have to be super quick whilst applying the concealer.

3. Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
This concealer is quite a light coverage concealer, so I prefer to use it as a highlighter after using the Nars Concealer. The formula is fairly thin, and sits lightly on the skin. Its inexpensive and has a large range of colours for fairer skin which means if you're a pale girl (like me) this concealer is perfect. Because it is a brightening concealer I'd recommend using this if you suffer from extreme redness (again like me) as it combats the redness really nicely.

4. Maybelline Instant Eraser Eye Concealer
I think this will have to be my favourite drugstore concealer, as it offers really high coverage at an inexpensive price. The concealer itself seems to last a life time and is one of the only concealers (bar Nars) that I own that do not crease. The formula is lightweight, and thin whilst it sits beautifully on the skin.

5. Bobbi Brown Corrector
I haven't owned this for the longest amount of time, but I have owned it for a long enough time to fall completely in love with it. My only concern is the colour range as most of which are either too yellow or pink toned - so it does take a fair amount of blending to match it with my skin tone. Its very thick, but means it offers maximum coverage. I apply with an eyeshadow brush as it apples the product lightly and then use my ring fingers to ensure its blended it. It cancels out the 'bruised' look and then you use your concealer over the top as normal.

Whats your favourite concealer? Anything that I am missing out on?

Tuesday, 9 December 2014


(I don't really know if this photo really fits in, but hey it looks nice!) 

So now it's winter I thought you might be interested in what some of my winter essentials are! I also have a really exciting post planned for either tomorrow or Thursday but I'm aiming for as soon as possible, so I thought this would be a quick but interesting post I could do!

Top Two Winter Fashion Essentials?
I love chelsea boots are there so cute and fashionable and go with everything, along with a really thick warm furry coat and I recently found my staple coat in Forever21, there collection of winter wear is beautiful!

Top Two Winter Beauty Essentials?
When it's winter I'm always super tired, so concealer is my absolute essential and I personally love the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer as it's the best concealer I've ever used as it conceals everything. I also love the Chanel Powder as it sets everything perfectly, and leaves it in place almost all day!

What shoes do you wear this most in Winter?
It alternates between my Chelsea boots or my white converse, as both of which are so easy to pair with my outfits, and basically go with anything so I just throw them on as I'm hopping out the door.

Favourite Winter Accessory?
Tartan Scarfs!

Favourite Winter Nail Polish?
Marc Jacobs Nail Lacquer in Wine!

Hot Cocoa or Apple Cider?
Ew, both of which I absolutely hate!

Favourite Winter Candle?
Christmas cookie by Yankee Candle is absolutely gorgeous!

Snowboarding or Skiing?
Skiing all the way! However, on my christmas list is snowboarding lessons as hopefully when we go on our next 'Ski Holiday' in February I can snowboard instead.

Have you ever gone ice skating? Are you any good or do you fail miserably?
I like to go whenever possible! I'd like to think I'm really good at it, but I always end up leaving with ice on my bum!

Does it snow where you live?
I live in London so it tends to vary the last time we had snow was over a year ago, but this year the weather is meant to be really bad and is meant to snow quite frequently over the remained of the winter season.

Have you ever made a snowman?
Of course, all the time!

What holiday do you celebrate?
Christmas Eve (if thats a holiday!) Christmas day, well everything bar halloween I guess!

Favourite Christmas/Holiday Song?
Band Aid or Last Christmas! Most christmas songs I like!

If you were to ask Santa for one thing and you were guaranteed to get it what would it be?
Either my own Ski's and boots, my own Sephora shop or a puppy! Or a Sloth! I really want a pet sloth!

Do you have anything fun planned for this winter?
I don't really plan events, but rather wait until the weekend and see what I want to do! After christmas I am going away with my family to Egypt, so I guess thats a plan? Oh and sledging, as it's so much fun!

What have you got planned for Christmas this year?
Not very much, just going to visit family and friends and then I'll be going on holiday!

What are you doing for Christmas? I'd love to know!

Monday, 8 December 2014

Heat Free Hairstyles - BLOGMAS DAY EIGHT!

(Thank you again to Cerys, for helping me tremendosuly, recreating these looks and taking the photos! Also quick note - I'm sorry the lighting is not identical!)

It was only a month and a half ago when I wrote my first hairstyle post, and I know many of you really enjoyed that post so I though I'd write another one for BLOGMAS! I really hope you enjoy it!

1. Fishtail:
Divide your hair into a side parting and take all of your hair onto one side, and start by splitting your hair into two sections. Take a small piece of hair from the outside of on of the two main sections and move it to the inside of the other section. Take a small piece of hair from the outside of the oppisite section and move it into the inside of the opposite section. Make sure your pulling tight so it stays secure. Continue by taking small pieces from each side into the inside of the opposing section, keep going until you reach the end and secure with an elastic.

2. Hairbow:
Start this hairstyle by taking the front sections of your hair into a small ponytail at the back of your hair, this is also known as the 'half up half down' hairstyle. You may need a two way mirror for the next part as it can get a bit tricky. Make a second ponytail underneath the first, and begin to pull it tight until it seperates into two. Use a few bobby pins to secure this. Then make a very small third ponytail underneath the others, and bring it over the middle of the bow to create the divide. This hairstyle is exceptionally hard, so you'll need lots of practise, hair clips and hairspray!

3. Half Up, Half Down:
This hairstyle is very simple and most likely you've already completed it prior. Taking the front sections of your hair sweep it into in a neat ponytail using a brush to smooth any bumps, and you guessed it - secure with a rubber band. You can either choose to leave it or braid it so it falls into loose curls like I have done.

4. Braided Bun:
Begin this hairstyle by diving your hair into a centre/middle parting and on the left hand side french braid your hair, continue this until you either run out of hair or if you would rather secure a rubber band in the middle, the band will be covered by the rest of your hair regardless. (If you don't know how to french braid then you can see my previous hairstyle post where I explain how!)  With the remainder of your hair, scoop it up as if to begin a ponytail but instead scrunch it into a messy bun. Use a hairband to tie it and using a teasing comb or your fingers, pull out loose strands to make the hairstyle a little more messy and carefree.

Please let me know if you'll be recreating this looks at home, and what your everyday hairstyle is!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Top Five Beauty Products - BLOGMAS DAY SEVEN!

1. Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette:
All of you know how much I love this palette, the pigmentation is by far the best I have tried, the formula is densely pact which combats fall out, there fade proof and the colour selection is fanatastic. All of which has meant that this has become my favourite palette, and landed a place in m Top Five Beauty Products!

2. Mac Bronzing Powder:
I love this bronzer as its the perfect shade for my face, contours perfectly and almost undectabely! It also has a beautiful glow and a tad of shimmer, it's also not to dark or muddy either! Perfect shade, and formula! Its also one of the only universal bronzers, as it's a shade that works with pretty much all skin tones.

3. MAC 217 Eyeshadow Brush:
Prior to using this brush I could not create a smokey eye, no matter how hard I tried. This brush is perfect for eyeshadow placement, whilst it also blends and shades effortlessly, and does not take up all of the eyeshadow whilst blending. Its soft, dense and I always find myself using it for all kinds of products. The brush is absolutely perfect for eyeshadow and concealer, and I completely love and recommend it.

4, Chanel Mat Lumiere Matte Powder:
Just realised how repetitive my posts are seeing as I pretty much use the same products. Very sorry.. Anyway as you all know I love this powder; its lightweight, smooth and consistent. It leaves a lovely radiant glow, and does not at all look cake-y!

5. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer:
I talk about this too much, I think it's been in five of my posts by now so your most likely all bored of it so I'll keep it short. Buy it. Its creamy, radiating, brightening, smooth and undetectable on your skin, my all time absolute favourite concealer.

What are your top five products? I'd love to know!

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Chanel Mat Lumiere Luminous Matte Powder Review - BLOGMAS DAY SIX!

(Just want to say a massive thank you to my best friend Cerys, for helping me out with all of the photos, posts and just general help and advice for BLOGMAS, so this post is dedicated to you! Love you hun!)

First of, I want to say that I am in no way bragging. This was an expensive product that I had bought after having saved for it. I had heard many bloggers and youtubers frequently talk about it coincidentally my MAC Mineralised Skinfinish Natural ran out therefore I ended up deciding to buy this powder to replace it. Since it is a fairly hyped product I thought I would review it for all of you and give you some perspective of the powder.

I bought this in Selfridges and it cost £40, which was quite expensive for a powder but I am personally really enjoying this powder, and glad I bought it - however I am not sure if I shall be repurchasing for a little while yet.

I was matched to the shade Pastel 70 which I originally thought was way to dark for my skin tone but the makeup artist was adamant that it was my shade due to my pink and yellow undertones, and thankfully I did buy this shade and it turned out to be perfect. It looks quite dark in the pan but when applied it seamlessly melts into your complexion and is undetectable.

My face is left silky and smooth, my complexion brightened, radiant and even - which makes a change. I apply it with my Real Techniques Powder brush and use the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush or the sponge provided to pact it into areas that need a bit more coverage such as my nose and under eyes. I carry it round in its pouch in my makeup bag and reapply after lunch. This powder is a luminous powder rather than a matte formula so I find that it does not combat oiliness for long periods of time so I do reapply throughout the day if needed or use a different powder through my T-zone so I do not need to touch up during the day.

Overall I am really enjoying this powder, and it is said to last an incredibly long time as you only need a very small amount although once it has ran out I am not sure if I shall be repurchasing due to the expensive price tag it comes with!

 I'd love to hear your thoughts on this powder foundation if you've tried it, and if you haven't then whats your holy grail powder?

Friday, 5 December 2014

Beauty Products Not Worth The Hype - BLOGMAS DAY FIVE!

Having been a makeup horder, or 'collector' as I prefer... It means I have accumulated a lot of makeup and unfortunately there's always a few products that I don't like, and I thought iI'd share them with all of you.

1. Nars Light Reflection Powder 
As most of you know I bought this whilst visiting America in Sephora, and since then I have used this a number of times trying to find a use for it and sadly I can't. To apply this product however you cannot use a brush and instead have to use your fingers which I completely do not like. It also very barely shows up on your skin and does not make a difference. It also causes my makeup to crease and frankly I really do not like this product. It is a very soft formula however the product completely crumpled within the packaging whilst I was using it. I love Nars and will continue purchasing more of their products but I recommend not to buy this.

2. Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation  
I think I've mentioned this before but I hate wearing foundation as it feels so heavy and cake-y on my skin and I'm continuously aware of it on my skin. However, there are some days where I want to wear a really light coverage face product such as foundation, or BB cream and I had heard many people rave about the lightweight formula of this but I hate it. The lightest shade is still to dark, and I find it one of the heaviest foundations I have tried and it definitely does not work with me personally.

3. Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer
I feel like the only person not to like this concealer, but as with the foundation the colour range is not the widest and all shades are too too dark for my skin tone. It also settles into fine lines and creases fairly dramatically and also quite frequently.

4. Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara 
I really like this mascara for the first hour of usage however it then literally falls of my eyelashes. It's a formula that crumples and does not hold a curl the best way. I find that I really like this mascara when I reapply it hourly, but it really is not worth the trouble nor the hype.

5. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
Having heard this was a dupe for my beloved Nars Concealer I bought this but found it was not like the Nars Concealer at all. The Nars concealer is an incredibly lightweight and creamy concealer much unlike the Maybelline concealer which doesn't concealer quite as well nor does it leave a radiant and glowing complexion quite as well as the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer which is quickly become a fast growing favourite. I find it creases just under my eyes some days so I think I'll be sticking with my Nars Creamy Concealer for now.

I hope you liked this post, let me know which beauty products have let you down, and what posts you'd like to see!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Bio Oil Review* - BLOGMAS DAY FOUR!

Having had stretch marks for some time now, when I was contacted by the lovely Olivia to try a sample of bio oil I immediately jumped at the chance.

Stretch marks are caused by the rapid stretching of the skin often associated with rapid growth or weight changes. Do not ever associate stretch marks with being overweight as they are not actually due to be 'above weight' but are caused by a significant change in the body. Over the past few months my height has increased and my body has become far more curve-y. I have noticed stretch marks in my inner thigh, and have tried many different treatments to combat the stretch marks.

The only product that has in fact worked and not only prevented stretch marks but also removed my stretch marks was Bio-Oil. I pour a very small amount onto a cotton bud and then just rub this into my stretch marks, it leaves a slightly greasy residue that absorbs fairly quickly.

Each day after having used this, I noticed a change in not only the size, but also the redness of the marks. Having only been using this for about two weeks I have still noticed a massive difference. It is incredibly reasonably priced - at only £8.99 in boots for 60ml (as seen as above) the bottle lasts months and months as you only require a very small pin-sized amount!

I totally recommend buying bio oil as it lasts an incredibly long time, and also removes virtually all traces of stretch marks!

Have you tried Bio-Oil?

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

How To Curl Your Hair Without Heat - BLOGMAS DAY THREE!

Curls are fast becoming one of the most popular hair styles, but if you have long and thick hair it can be an incredibly lengthy process, and also quite damaging for your hair due to the temperature of the heat applied directly. However, there are many ways to curl your hair both quickly and far less damaging!

1. Plaits
Before you go to bed, section your hair into either two or three large divisions. (Depending of how thick or layered your hair is, and also the size of the curl that you wish to achieve) Then divide the original sections into three and begin plaiting your hair. Once you have reached the end of the section, fold the final stands in half and secure with a rubber band. If your hair is quite fine, greasy or does not hold a curl very well, then after plaiting spray your hair lightely with leave in conditioner, or dampen your hair with water. This helps the hair to hold and recognise the style.

2. Buns
Also fairly simple and much like the previous. Before sleeping, divide your hair into either two or four sections (again depending on the thickness and amounts of layers you have, and the size of the curls you wish to achieve) twist each section as tighetly as possible, and then twist it into a tight bun. Secure this with either a rubber band or hairclips, rubber bands are the most secure throughout the night.

3. Curl Cream
There are many different shampoo and conditioners which help your hair to gain loose waves. Using the conditioner pror to using the shampoo (also known as the reverse method) will help your hair to gain tighter waves. Once applying the conditioner, twist your hair into a bun and place a showercap over your head and leave it for about ten minutes before washing out. After the shower, try to avoid brushing your hair and instead use a curl cream, and evenly massage it into your hair. Wait for it to dry and voila - bouncy curls!

4. Headbands
Place a headband over your hair, pushing it backwards and pull your hair over the top of the headband. Then take small sections and begin to wrap it around the headband in tight knots. A thin rubber headband works best and this will achieve big bouncy effortless curls. However, this way of curling your hair holds for the least amount of time so use hairspray or curl cream to prevent it from falling.

5. Hair Donuts
Place your hair into a secure ponytail (if possible with a fabric hair tie so there will not be any kinks) and place the hair donut at the bottom of the ponytail. Then start rolling your hair upwards into the sock bun and keep inverting the bun over and over again until you have used the remainder of your hair. The tie with a few fabric hair ties to secure it.

I hope this works for you, and it helped you if you enjoy curling your hair. Let me know below how you curl your hair, and if you'll be trying out some of these methods!

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Christmas Nails - BLOGMAS DAY SIXTEEN!

How To Have A Successful Beauty Blog - BLOGMAS DAY TWO!

First of all, I want to let you know that I am in no way, shape or form saying I have a successful beauty blog, and I deffinately do not have a successful beauty blog. I have a substantial amount of people asking for tips on asking how to create a beauty blog, and I thought that a post would be far more informative and helpful for all of you.

1. Regular Updates
When I first started this blog, I would only update once a month, and I thought this was fairly regularly. This is perhaps the most ridiculous blogging advice ever. The more you write no doubtbly the better your writing shall become. If your updating frequently, your audience will increase as will your followers; scheduled posts are also a great way to increase audience, by letting your readers know when to expect updates they can find you reliable and will often check back within the day.

2. Organisation
Organisation is key, and perhaps one of the most important factors in running your own blog. I personally love organisation as I feel I am on top of things, and it's quite exciting to think of the prospects of actually writing the posts and taking photos. I carry round a small leather book (roughly A5) and my favourite pen (yes I have such thing) and bring it EVERYWHERE. Whether its to school or just out, I always bring it with me. This allows me to write down sudden ideas for posts that I may have or sudden things I need to complete on my blog. I also bring blogger planning sheets with me and write days that I want to upload, details, photo ideas, etc. Plan your posts, and keep to deadlines as much as possible. (Please remember that if your in school, school is most important although your blog is still important to you, please put school first as it will help you in the long run!)

3. Pre Write
Pre write as many posts as you can. I find that after writing one post, I'm in the mood to continue writing so I do, I write posts that may not be scheduled to be uploaded for another month but I try and write as many as I can in one day. If your going on holiday or going away and do not have the capability to write during those weeks then try and write prior to going on holiday. Pre writing also allows you to have days or weeks of, which in the blogging world comes a time when it is needed. I hate neglecting my blog, so if I find that I need a week of then I write a few posts to keep it going for a few weeks so I do not need to worry, and actually give myself a break.

4. Give yourself time off
Having mentioned having days of, I realised it is an important factor in the maintenance of your blog. Much to many's peoples beliefs, blogging is a job; it does take a fair amount of time, patience and energy. For many bloggers (me included) blogging is something that we love to do therefore it does not feel like a job - but it is. Like other jobs there comes a time where you need a break, and allow yourself to do so. Your readers would much rather that you don't update for a few days and then come back doing posts that you are much happier with and are generally better than posts that are rushed and ones that you are not so happy with. You would be amazed at the prospect of how much a break does not only help yourself, but also your blog and your readers.

5. Show your personality
I know I am personally a perfectionist and I love articulate words, correct grammar and for my blog to come across professional, however don't forget to also let your personality show. Don't be afraid to write a wholesome post fulfilled with your personality. Readers love to get to know you and your personality, don't be afraid to be yourself and definitely don't pretend to be somebody your not.

So if any of you are thinking of starting a blog, I would 100% reccomend it and say go for it, it is a lot of work but one of the most rewarding and enjoyable things I have done, and could not be more pleased with how its going. I hope these tips will help you, and as I said don't forget to be yourself!

What are your top tips for having a successful blog?

Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas Beauty Gift Guide - BLOGMAS DAY ONE!

Christmas Beauty Gift Guide

(This post is really exciting for me as of course it's the first of BLOGMAS 2014! For those of you who do not know how BLOGMAS works it is a collection of posts across the month of December;there will be a new blog post at 5pm GMT every day from the 1st of December until the 25th, and of course this is the first!)

Christmas is just round the corner, and will all of a sudden come by incredibly quickly. Of course gifts are the most nerve racking part if you ask me! I know buying Beauty related gifts is an obvious option for a women, but also one of the hardest so I thought I'd write a quick guide on buying the perfect beauty related gift for christmas!

1. Nars Virtual Dominance Palette (Available here)
This is most likely the safest option of the bunch, its fairly easy to get hold of, and is also one of the most beautiful palettes I know of! The shade range makes this a perfect option for travellers, especially due to the versatility of the looks you can create. The design of the palette itself is absolutely stunning if you ask me!

2. Clinique 3 Step Kit (Available here)
This is a great gift for almost anybody as long as you know their basic skin care needs and type they have. The women at Clinique are always very helpful so if you don't know it shouldn't be too big of a problem! I personally use this regimen and really like it, Clinique Skincare is something incredibly dependable and actually works, its also fairly inexpensive gift.

3. Lush Twelve Days of Christmas (Available here)
This is most likely the easiest present , especially as you won't need to wrap it as its already beautifully boxed. This is a present I personally would love, as I go through so many LUSH products monthly. Most women of all ages will love this. 

4. Marc Jacobs Eau de Toilette (Available here)
This is such an elegant and simple fragrance that is incredibly sophisticated, fresh and distinctive. The Marc Jacob Perfumes are one that most women long to own, and it would be a wonderful present for all women.

5. Beauty Blender and Cleanser Solid (Available 
This is a tool that all women need in their life, it's incredibly easy to use, innovative and makes application quick and hygienic.

6. Too faced Better Than Sex (Available 
A new mascara that is incredibly hyped in the beauty community, and almost all women mention about how much they would love to try this, and it would be a wonderful christmas present or stocking filler.

7. Philosophy Christmas Cookie Shower Gel (Available 
Christmas cookie is a classic holiday treat, that smells delightful and the formula of which I love, its rich and sweet and leaves skin soft and moisturised.

8. Benefit Porfessional (Available 
This is an extremely hyped primer, that most beauty lovers use everyday!

9. Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (Available 
A palette that is loved by everyone who touches it - or smells it. All beauty junkies would love this, and it is my all time favourite palette. Also currently on offer for black Friday weekend over on look fantastic.

10. Invisibobble (Available here)
A great stocking filler for most women of all ages, its a invisible hair bobble, that keeps kinks at bay and leaves your hair without any bumps after having your hair up for a long period.

11. Glamglow Gift Sexy (Available here)
These are by far the best face masks, and most raved about; hence the expensive price tags! The masks draws out excess oil and dirt, clears skin from any spots, brightens and smoothes! This is most definitely on my christmas list!

12. Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow (Available here)
This is a beautiful bronzer and highlighter that smooths the complexion, slims and sculpts your features. The packaging is beautiful thus it is neat and compact. A must for any bronzer and highlighter loves.

13. Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Set (Available here)
A classic brush set that is starting to become a cult classic for any bloggers or beauty lovers. These brushes are soft, and shed proof! There also quite inexpensive for a large selection of good quality brushes.

14. Origins Mask Marvels Christmas Gift Set (Available here)
This set is not the one in the picture as I could not find it on polyvore; but the set contains three of the most popular masks each combating different skin problems whether it be spots, or dullness. It is currently on offer on boots for half the price!

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Quick Update and BlOGMAS 2014!

Hey Guys,

I thought I would take this time to do a quick update post and let you know why there has been a lack of posts. First of all, I forgot my blogger password and that was mayhem until I rememebered it a few days later, and managed to get back into my account but by then I was quite behind in posts that were scheduled.

I had also planned BLOGMAS and was going to write prior to December, however there were a number of posts which had been planned to go up during the period in which I was not on my account so instead I've decided to focus on BLOGMAS and try and incorporate the previously planned posts into BLOGMAS. For those of you who do not know, BLOGMAS is a series of posts throughout December. I'll be writing a blog post every day up until the 24th December and i'll be uploading them at 5pm GMT each day until Christmas Eve! I'm really excited to uplad them as I have out a lot of time and effort into making the posts the best I possibly can!

I hope your all well and enjoying the run up to christmas (and GCSE Exams..) as much as I am!
Love Daisy x

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Autumn Favourites

For me November signals the end of Autumn/Fall and then its Winter (favourite season dance) so I thought I would write a Autumn Favourites, of course most of these I would still use throughtout Winter! I also decided to write/structure this post a bit different, so let me know in the comments if you liked this or not!

It is not Autumn/Winter without a few candels, and the Yankee Candle Christmas range is amazing! I am currently loving Christmas Cookie which is a really sweet and warm smell, and Black Cherry which is a musky/fruit smell! (Great description..) During the colder months, my skin (in particular my cheeks) get extremly dry and raw, so moisturising plays a huge part in my skincare. I am currently  using the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser  which although is an extremly thick moisturiser, it works incredibly well. My skin is always far better after using this, and also very soft!

Meanwhile, as I'm sure most of you also change up your makeup seasonally, or change up your everyday makeup look; I don't feel comfortable sporting darker lip shades (and I also spend the majority of my time at school, if I walked in wearing purple lips I would be given a makeup wipe in one hand and a detention in the other) so instead I wear darker eyeshades. I have been using the Estée Lauder Duo in Raisins for a dark plum smokey eye (possible tutorial?) where as I have been recently using the Mac Eyeshadow Shades in Bronze, Amber Lights and All That Glitters for a bronze/taupe look! As for my nail color I have been wearing Marc Jacobs Nail Varnish in Wine, which is a deep red Autumnal/Christmas colour. For Mascara I love the YSL Shocking False Lash Effect as it holds a curl and leaves my lashes voluminous all day.

During the colder months, my hair begins to get very dry and of course damaged. I like to treat it with the Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner which is amazing, and leaves my hair silky, soft and shiny! I am literally refusing to use any other shampoo and conditioner, these are amazing! (Also incredibly affordable!) Whilst my hairs slightly damp I either use Pantene Split End Serum which leaves the ends silky and smooth, and also repairs damage! (Also affordable) Or I will use the Its a 10 Miracle Leave in Product which leaves my hair soft, but I deffinatly think there's lots of dupes that work just as well!

What are your Autumn Favourites? Would you like to see a Smokey Eye Tutorial? Also, I now offer advertising across my blog so if your interested contact me prices are mostly under £5 and I am also willing to go lower!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

How To Prevent Oily Skin

So, I do 'suffer' from oily skin and I know how annoying it is, but there are certainly many ways you can prevent or 'deal' with oily skin. The routine I am currently using has deffinatly been helping me, and hopefully it will help you too!

Firstly I apply an Anti Shine Balm by Teen Skin Actvities* all over my face. This helps prime my makeup and also prevents or controls the oils in my skin. Because this is a balm I let this sit on my face for a few minutes so it can absorb, and get to work! Although it is a fairly thick consisteancy, I find it works really well with my skin and really does combat oily-ness. Using products that are espicially designed to combat oil skin is also a huge part in the prevention of your oily skin.   I will then use the Klenex Oil Absorbing Sheets just before my makeup if there are still any oily spots, and then use it after my makeup again if need be. I also carry them round in my purse, you can never be too prepared!

Washing your face twice a day removes excess oil and prevents it clogging your pores. I use the Clinique Redness Solutions Soothing Cleanser which not only cleans my face but has massively helped the redness. As for cosmetics I reccomend using all powder based products, avoiding cream products and shimmer products! Highlighters should espically be avoided throughout use in the t-zone! Change your tools regularly because oils build up incredibly quickly;change your face cloth regularly and wash your brushes regularly. Try to avoid touching your face, and applying makeup throughout the day as this causes oils to clog in your pores.

I hope this helped you in some way, let me know how you combat your oily skin! What posts would you be interested in seeing?

(Also I have had a lot of questions asking about social media accounts, my instagram is @daisybutterworth and twitter is @daisyteenbeauty)

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Teen Skin Actives Review *

(This is my honest opinion, and by no means is it a sponsored post. I have been sent these products and have really been loving them and enjoying the huge improvements it has made!)

Two weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely Monica and Stephanie and shortly after learning about the brand, I was allowed to choose products that would most interest me and of course all of you. I then choose the Anti Shine Balm and Anti Spot Gel as I know spots and oily skin are of most concern for most - if not all teenagers.

The product I'm really impressed with is the Anti Spot Gel. I only occasionally have spots that are of major concern, however recently I have had one or two and after using this gel I could see they had improved. The first night I applied this, I noticed a huge differnce! The spot had become pratically invisible, and the next day had completly gone!  This is the only spot clearing treatment that I have used and noticed the difference, and seen the improvement! I have never used an products that had improved my spots so quickly and kindly. You need the smallest amount, and I dab it into the spot with my fingers. I really reccomend this product, espically if you suffer from breakouts reularly. However  I would not recomend applying it all across your face, and instead focus on the spot itself. Really reccomend this product! You can purchase this here.

The other product I have been using is the Anti-Shine Balm. I apply this prior to my makeup, along with The Tarte Cleanslate Primer. This primer drys matte within seconds, and then you are free to continue with your normal routine. This can be used under makeup as normal, and also used on its own. Although I reccomend setting it with a translucent powder to avoid it looking greasy/oily. I have noticed that my makeup lasts longer than it would without the balm, and also an improvement in the oilyness of my skin. You can purchase this here.

Both of these products, I really reccomend and am enjoying! I have noticed a huge difference in my skin, amd hopefully you will too. They are inexpensive, which is great for teens and are avaialble on this website here.

What skin care products do you reccomend?

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

John Gosnell's - The original Vitamin E Cream*

A few days ago, I received this beautifully packaged cream, and since then have been enjoying it, and thought you might be interested in seeing my review! John Gosnell's is a family business, owned and ran by multiple generations of their family. The company are against animal testing, and do not test their products in that way, which I greatly support. The company dates back to 1677, and now devotes itself to cosmetics, soaps and perfumes.

So for a bit of back ground to my skin type; I have combination skin so my cheeks consist of dry patches and chicken skin, where as the rest of my face consists of oily skin and occasional break outs. So when I received this cream, I knew it would cater to the dry patches of my skin, and it of course did just that.  It has reduced the dry patches, and my skin looks far more radiant than prior use.

The consistency is fairly thick, but it is one of the only creams that don't leave a nasty residue or greasy feel to the skin. It's a lovely light weight formula and completely sinks into the skin incredibly quickly. Which I love, because I apply this in the morning I find it works really nicely with priming my makeup, and I don't have to wait for it to dry. The cream has a strong lavender fragrance, which I personally like and didn't find that it irritated my skin. (Some fragranced products, agitate my skin!)

I also asked my mum to try it, as obviously she is older than me and I wanted to get somebody from a different age category's opinion (plus my mum is defiantly a secret skin care junkie if you ask me..) she also really enjoyed using it, and quoted 'it makes your skin feel really smooth and refreshed.'

So that is my overall opinion of the Vitamin E Cream, which I am currently enjoying! If you would like to purchase this, just pop over to their website; which you can visit here!

Will you be purchasing this? What post would you like to see next on Daisy's Teen Beauty Blog?

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Heat Free Hairstyles

(Thank you to my bestfriend Cerys for creating these beautiful looks and taking the equally as beautiful pictures!)

As most of you know, I apply direct heat to my hair almost every day. As you can guess, my hair is not the most healthiest! So having days off where I don't apply heat (and my hair still looks cute) is the best thing to do for me. It also means I get a lie in!

1. Waterfall
Start of parting you hair in the middle, and section off the top third of your hair. Divide the section into three parts. Braid your hair towards the back of your head in a french braid styles. To create the waterfall look, once you've reached the last part of the first braid section drop the final strand of hair. (Now it gets complicated..) Pick up a new strand of hair located next to the strand that you've droped to create the waterfall section. Contine your waterfall look by picking up the next section of hair located beside the inital piece you dropped. Continue braiding towards the middle of your head. Repeat the initial step and drop the last section of hair, and pick up a section next to the dropped hair section. Now secure the braid with elastics and bobby pins if needed. I like the look when it begins to get messy, so I let the pieces start to fall. This hairstyle looks so beautiful!

2. French Braid 
Begin by sectioning your hair, taking a large section from the top center of your head. It should be about 3/4 inches wide. Separate the section into strands into three equal strands. Take the three sections and create a few rows of a regular braid by taking the strand on the right and crossing it over the centre. Then take the strand from the left and cross it over the centre. Continue the braid by crossing the strands diagonally over the centre strand. Continue braiding your hair and secure it with a braid.

3. French Braid Twist Bun
After you have braided your hair into a french braid, then take the hair from the bottom and begin twisting it into a bun and secure with an elastic, and of course bobby pins too. This hairstyle is great if you want something that looks like you spent a long time creating, it's also super cute for work!

4. Half Twist
I don't actually know if this is what its called but I think the name works! Start by parting your hair in the middle and take the front section on the left side and begin twisting it, secure with a bobby pin. Take the front section on the right side and begin twisting it and secure with a bobby pin. I love this hairstyle as it keeps my hair out of my face all day and looks super cute!

I hope they made some sense for you all, and you are able to recreate them! What's your favourite hairstyle?

I also recommend checking out my friends blog and youtube channel! I love them! They are also linked, so please go check them out!

Monday, 13 October 2014

How to Revise Successfully

Hey Guys,

I'm sorry that this isn't a beauty related post, but I thought it would be useful for the most of you!(Seeing as the majority of you are teenagers, and currently in high school whether you may be studying for end of term assessment, gcse's or As Levels I hope this will be helpful either way!)

1. Flashcards
I personally find flashcards the most helpful when I'm revising (depending on what I need to revise for) I write questions on the front that I need to memerise, and write awnsers on the back. I will then look at the questions, and try to remember the answer. Alternatively, you can just right helpful words, that may jog your memory. I know a few of my friends prefer tha way! Either way works just as efficiently! DONT SPEND TIME MAKING THEM LOOK NICE!!

2. Post-it Notes
Post it notes should be your best friend during a revision period. You can write important facts that you need to remeber and place them in your books, or on flash cards, etc. When I am studying for History and Georgraphy in particular I write key facts on post it notes and stick them in my room or in the kitchen by the fridge. (The places where I find myself most often...) that way you will start to assciate particuar facts with certain objects. In an exam its particually useful as when you need to remeber certain facts, you can associate it with the object you placed it with in your room. (If that made any sense.. You catch my drift..)

3. Highlighters
I guess this is an obvious choice of revision, but try and utalise your highlighters in different ways. If their is a long piece of text, highlight the date in one color, the important information in another, and extra detail in another. This way when you come back to revise closer to exams, its easy to depict the important information, decreasing your work load. Also prevents you from drifting from the actual answer itself, and eventually talking yourself out of the marks. (Which, I've done plenty of times!)

4. Organise Your Revision
Make a schedule for revision, (especially useful if you are doing GCSE'S/As Levels) Give yourself some time to relax, and take in your revision. (Every Hour/Two)  Cramming is possibly the worst, as it's overwhelming and stressful. Have a week of focusing on one topic, and the next a different. Make sure your always revisiting previous work through out the year, and have a quiet, comfortable place thats free of distraction.

5. Start Revising Early
Don't start you revision two months before, if you are able to start as early as possible. As I mentioned earlier cramming is not a good technique. Wake up early (around 9am) that way you can stop revising earlier, and spend the rest of your day relaxing. It also gives you something to look forward to, and stops you from procrastinating.

6. Teach it to someone/Revision Buddy
Go through a particular section, reciting it and then teach it to someone. Whether that may be your family, or revision buddy. Never do it with your friend, as you'll end up procrastinating and won't actually learn anything. Revision buddy's are a great way to revise, they should be someone in at least two/three classes so your understanding of each other's position and levels, some one that is close to your MEG and also if possible should you not be your friend as you'll end up procrastinating again.

So I hope that helps any of you that are revising, and I wish you the best of luck! (Even though, it's not really exam term!)

Please leave me your suggestions for revision tips, and blog posts that you would like to see!