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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

How To Curl Your Hair Without Heat - BLOGMAS DAY THREE!

Curls are fast becoming one of the most popular hair styles, but if you have long and thick hair it can be an incredibly lengthy process, and also quite damaging for your hair due to the temperature of the heat applied directly. However, there are many ways to curl your hair both quickly and far less damaging!

1. Plaits
Before you go to bed, section your hair into either two or three large divisions. (Depending of how thick or layered your hair is, and also the size of the curl that you wish to achieve) Then divide the original sections into three and begin plaiting your hair. Once you have reached the end of the section, fold the final stands in half and secure with a rubber band. If your hair is quite fine, greasy or does not hold a curl very well, then after plaiting spray your hair lightely with leave in conditioner, or dampen your hair with water. This helps the hair to hold and recognise the style.

2. Buns
Also fairly simple and much like the previous. Before sleeping, divide your hair into either two or four sections (again depending on the thickness and amounts of layers you have, and the size of the curls you wish to achieve) twist each section as tighetly as possible, and then twist it into a tight bun. Secure this with either a rubber band or hairclips, rubber bands are the most secure throughout the night.

3. Curl Cream
There are many different shampoo and conditioners which help your hair to gain loose waves. Using the conditioner pror to using the shampoo (also known as the reverse method) will help your hair to gain tighter waves. Once applying the conditioner, twist your hair into a bun and place a showercap over your head and leave it for about ten minutes before washing out. After the shower, try to avoid brushing your hair and instead use a curl cream, and evenly massage it into your hair. Wait for it to dry and voila - bouncy curls!

4. Headbands
Place a headband over your hair, pushing it backwards and pull your hair over the top of the headband. Then take small sections and begin to wrap it around the headband in tight knots. A thin rubber headband works best and this will achieve big bouncy effortless curls. However, this way of curling your hair holds for the least amount of time so use hairspray or curl cream to prevent it from falling.

5. Hair Donuts
Place your hair into a secure ponytail (if possible with a fabric hair tie so there will not be any kinks) and place the hair donut at the bottom of the ponytail. Then start rolling your hair upwards into the sock bun and keep inverting the bun over and over again until you have used the remainder of your hair. The tie with a few fabric hair ties to secure it.

I hope this works for you, and it helped you if you enjoy curling your hair. Let me know below how you curl your hair, and if you'll be trying out some of these methods!


  1. Loved this post Daisy! BLOGMAS is coming along well for you! :)

    Bec x


    1. Thank you Becca! As with you, yours is looking fantastic! Happy holidays!

  2. Buns AND curling serum works best for me! I have mixed hair, straight on the top, wavy down.


    1. Curling serum is such an easy way to achieve effortless, and envious curls! Happy holidays!