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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Back To School Essentials with Deciem!*

*These items were sent to me, but all opinions are my own and 100% honest, I only talk about products I truly love and recommend! 

Unfortunately with labour day just gone that means that everybody's gone back to school! For most people that means hell has officially started... but for me its quite exciting to start fresh with a new beauty routine, and discover some new essentials! And I have done just that! Here are my two back to school essentials, but I'd love to hear about yours in the comments below!

1. Hand Chemistry Hyaluronic Body Mist:
This is a face mist that you can spray across your face or body to 'inject' some hydration into your skin. For me, this is a complete lifesaver seeing as my skin gets so dry and drinks up all my makeup before the end of the day. However, I now carry this around with me in my school bag and spray my face throughout the day, after my skincare routine and when I wake up in the morning. I've noticed a huge difference in my skin since using this, and my makeup is also looking lasting and looking 'fresh' throughout the day. This also smells absolutely amazing.. (as you guys know I cannot describe scents for the life of me.. but I shall give it my absolute best shot!) It smells of fresh vanilla and lemons with a hint of jasmine. This is such a huge recommendation since I've noticed some major skin developments, my skin is a lot softer, supple, hydrated and radiant. Its increased the longevity of my makeup and decreased my breakouts massively!

2. Grow Gorgeous Overnight to Gorgeous Hair Masque!
I have incredibly dry, damaged, thick and unruly hair and that makes most mornings an absolute nightmare in terms of styling my hair as it takes so long and I never manage to get it to what I want! I use this hair mask at night and apply a generous layer across all of my hair (avoid the roots of your hair if you have greasy hair) and wear a shower cap through the night and wash it off in the morning. By the morning the mask and all of its great ingredients have by then penetrated my cuticles and left is so much softer, hydrated, smoother and stronger. Its much easier to style since it is so much softer and smoother. Over the last few uses I've noticed a big difference in the appearance of my hair, the ends look a lot less damaged and I've noticed a small regrowth in my baby hairs around my hairline and it looks so much glossier than usual. I've also had so many comments on how nice my hair smells.. the masque smells very fruit like (particularly strawberries and yet again vanilla!) with 'woodlike' undertones. The smell is very strong and very much lingers throughout the day! Somebody always seems to comment the next day about how nice my hair smells! I've noticed a huge improvement in the strength and appearance of my hair, and thus it is another huge recommendation! (For anybody wondering I use this as a deep conditioning mask once a week!)

So those are my two back to school essentials, I'd love to hear about yours in the comments! Next week will be a beauty essentials post so watch out for that! And also I just want to send a lovely thank you to deciem and most particularly Eric who sent out these items! I loved them and it was such a pleasure to work with you and the company!


  1. Definitely going to have to check these out! X love your blog

  2. Replies
    1. You really should, they are amazing! x

  3. Lovely post Daisy! Both of these products sound amazing! I love your reviews soooo much x


    1. Thank you Becca! You're way to kind! <3 xx

  4. Replies
    1. They are amazing, you should definitely purchase! xx

  5. Just found your blog, love it omg!! You want to follow each other?

  6. The hair masque sounds really good! I use coconut oil as an overnight hair mask when I plan to wash my hair the next day - makes my hair soooo healthy!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  7. I really love your blog and have just followed you :) x

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  9. Hey I nominated you for a Liebster Award: http://lucylikespineapple.blogspot.co.uk/2015/12/liebster-award-2.html
    Lucy xox

  10. These sound really good. Definitely going to check them out. :)
    Happy New Year, Isabella xx


  11. sounds like great products.
    thanks for sharing

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