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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

How To Look Good Without Makeup

Hi Guys, so I wanted to do this post just to make sure that all you girls know your beautiful, every single one of you! I only wear makeup because it makes me feel more confident in myself, and happier. I don't wear much, because you can still look good without makeup! One of my bestfriends dosn't wear any makeup and she still looks stunning, and you all can too!

So this is a step by step guide on ways to refine AND define your natrual beauty:

1. Cleanse Your Skin...

Wash your face everyday in the morning and night. This will help keep pores to a minimun, and mean your face will appear cleaner and have an even skin tone so you won't need to bother with foundation! Exofilate your skin once a week, this will help rid and tighten pores. It removes dead skin cells and makes your hair look fresh and radiant. You can get exfoliating washes, or you can exfoilate by using a warm face cloth in circular motions. 


a. Try not to touch your skin, this is because the dirt will get on your face creating more pores, and spots. Although tempting, the more you can refrain from this the better your skin will be. 

b. Always remove your makeup. If you do wear any type of makeup leaving it on for long periods of time espically at night, will irritate your skin, clog pores making them stay for longer and become deeper, and can also lead to pimples. 

2. Be Healthy... 

Drinking water daily will help your skin hydrate, leaving your skin looking fresh and natrual. Get at least 8 hours of sleep per night, this will give your skin a chance to repair and restore, so you'll look fresh, feel good, bubbly, and bright and you won't have dark circles under your eyes! 


a. Drink between 5-8 glasses of water a day or one and a half litres of water. This will make sure your hydrated. 

b. Sleeping with cucumbers over your eyes helps reduce puffiness, this is because

c. You can get rid of black circles under your eyes by having ice cubes or a cold damp towel against each of your eyes for thirty seconds (more or less depending on what your skin needs.)

3. Understand Your Skin...

Understand if you have problem prone skin, dry, itritated, Oily, combined skin. Understanding which of these you have will help you find skin washes and mostrisers best for your skin type.


a. Choosing face washes designed for your skin will help calm down your skin, and help with dryness, oilyness, etc.

b. If you feel like you really have to wear makeup, you can get makeup brands spesifically for oily skin types, dryness, etc. This will help calm down your skin from these problems. 

4. Be well groomed...

Shape your eyebrows, keep them trimmed and in shape. Nothings worse that unibrows, or   hairs out of line. Have them shaped, or pluck any random stray hairs. Keep your lips mostrisued by using lip balm this will stop lips from cracking. Keep your hair soft and silky by wahsing your hair regulary, and using hair masks each week. (Lush hair treatments are amazing, there natrual, so they're even better for hair!) Style your hair differently, this will make you more confident! If you use heat appliances use heat protecter this will stop your hair burning, breaking, snapping, or getting step ends.


a. Trim your hair regulary this will stop you from getting split ends, or breaking hair.

b. Comb your eyebrows, with a eyebrow comb this will stop your eyebrows from sticking up, or facing the wrong way making them look out of place, and out of control! Remember your eyebrows are cousins not sisters, so don't worry about getting them perfect! 

c. Instead of using mascara curl your eyelashes, this looks natrual and makes your eyelashes look curly, and long without you wearing makeup!

5. Be confident! 

Being confident in your self will mean others will feel confident around you, and you won't feel the need to wear makeup! Be open, chatty, smily, confident and open! The more smily, and chatty you are will want others to talk to you, etc. 


a. Smile a lot. This will attract others, and your smile is a natrual beautiful thing so use it! 

b. The less you critise yourself, the less you talk about your problems, the less you'll see them too. Hold your chin up high, and be confident!

So I hope this helps you, and I hope you feel more confident! If you do wear makeup, only use as much as you need, go natrual and love yourself!

I'll update twice next week because of half term! Love you guys, have a fantastic weekend! Leave a nice comment below! or become a member and follow me! <3 

Daisy Chain xxx