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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Beauty Blender Review

So around about last week I finally plucked up enough corrage to buy the infamous beauty blender. I hadn't quite justified spending so much until I went on a mad hunt on amazon and found it for £13! It's still incredibly expensive for a piece of sponge - but fudging knickers is it worth it!

It's literally been in my dreams (I was riding a giant beauty blender into space - long story short) Anyway, this literally applies foundation/concealer like a dream, it takes slightly longer than a brush would but gives such a nice dewy finish. It's very simple to use, simply wet it in the sink, ring out the access and your set!

The main thing I really like about this is it gives natural coverage, I literally cannot tell I'm wearing any makeup. It's very gentle on the skin, and for my sensitive skin it's lovely to work with.

It also doesn't suck up half the product (which is one of the reasons why I was so sceptical about this purchase) there is some magical ingredient that makes it so much better than other sponges!

The only down side is the pink dye. I noticed that when I was cleaning it with my MAC cleanser some of the pink dye came off. But it doesn't effect the product it self, so its not a big problem in my eyes.

I would really recommend giving this a try, you will not be disappointed! If you would like to buy the infamous beauty blender you can buy it on amazon for £13 here.

Do you have a beauty blender? Will you be picking up one?

Monday, 23 June 2014

Social Anxiety/Reason for AWOL

I've been meaning to do a post like this for a while, I have those sudden days where I want to share exactly how I've been feeling, but sometimes I like to use my blog to forget about everything that may be going on elsewhere. But recently I've been wanting to let you know what has been going and what the personal reasons for me being AWOL; so today I decided it's time I sat down and wrote a blog post that didn't have a meaning, or even't a suitable title. Anyway, lets get into my little ramble.

A bit of Background Information - In primary school I wasn't anything extraordinary, I wasn't academic, nor creative I guess I kind of stuck out a bit. The only thing I really did have was an imagination but I didn't really know how to utilise it, I think I use to lie and make up silly stories and exaggerate a wee bit. (Okay, a lot!) But since being thrown into high school I leaned towards creative side - I wasn't very good at art, but I was hopeless in academic subjects. Up until year nine (when I became more academic) I wasn't aware of the world around me, I guess I was stuck in my own little bubble.

In Year Nine, everything gets serious and the world suddenly seems cliche in being the 'big bad world', and you realise how hard it is to get a job, or get onto the property market. (Something I won't have to worry about for a few years yet!) This is the time I guess I got my act together, I focused and actually studied for tests and tried my hardest in every subject. My grades reflected upon this, and slowly I managed to find my 'inner self.' (Getting a bit cliche again, aren't we!) I enjoyed Geography and History, and English but struggled in Maths, Science and French. Slowly I'm trying to get better and gradually my grades are increasing. (These are core subjects in my school so INCREDIBLY important.)

But going back to the start of year nine (and quite possibly the majority of year eight) I had quite a bad case of social anxiety. I avoided crowds wear possible excusing my self out of socialising with friends and didn't attend cricket club on a Friday night or youth club on a Thursday. (I still do, but slowly I am getting better!) My self confidence played a key role in this, due to vitiligo. I was afraid of what people though to of me, and now I think thats the worst thing someone can do. I lost most of my primary school friends, and made two/three new friends who were at a glance the nerdy quiet ones, but loud and crazy together. God, do I love them to bits.

 I don't think my parents ever understood how I felt, or actually realised that I had social anxiety, and maybe a tiny case of depression. My parents are quite social people, so to them It was a bit strange. They wanted me to make friends. but I didn't. I was happy with my friends, but then again I wasn't happy. I didn't like school, although I didn't struggle anymore academically, but I hated break and lunch time. It felt like hours, and would drag by, and the thought made me physically sick. I longed for the comfort of my own bedroom, and I guess that's why I wrote stories on wattpad and eventually started this blog. Nobody knows you, nobody judges you, nobody criticise' you. I could be a whole new person.

As mentioned in my Vitiligo Post a few months back, I had year nine camp in June. This is where I came out of my shell. I had to show my skin, and I am so lucky to have made new friends. (Boys and Girls) People who didn't judge me, or characterise me. I think I finally found where I belong. I enjoy school, and I enjoy break and lunch. Although I have those days where I am defiantly on a low and would rather spend time in my bedroom wrapped up in fluffy socks clutching a manky old teddy bear, and listening to lana del ray. Some days my confidence is so low I feel sick and avoid mirrors where possible. I'm quiet and withdrawn but they are far less frequent. I wasn't clinically depressed, but I was defiantly in a bad way a few months back, and did contemplate the meaning of my life.

If I have bad thoughts I can quickly climb back out, instead of falling deeper like I did months back. I wan't to be a journalist when I'm older, I love writing simply because you can be someone completely different. I think everyone at some stage debates their existence or has a sudden doubt in themselves. But social anxiety and low confidence/self esteem does play a small key role in my life, but has undoubtedly shrunk, and I have my friends to thank.

So I don't know what purpose this gives to you guys, but I wanted to let you know and kind of give you an update of my life recently. It is world vitiligo day on the 25th, and I am looking forward to meeting lots of people with Vitligo on saturday in London! I would like to tell you guys, honestly everything does get better, I wish I had someone to tell me that.

Please don't unfollow, as I had a fare few unfollowers the last month and last post like this, there will be a beauty post by thursday, but I wanted to share a personal piece of my life!

Love you guys so much,
feel free to email me if you want to talk, my email is in the contact bar above!
See you on Thursday! x

Friday, 20 June 2014

Hair Extenstions Review

(This post is in no way sponsored, this is my actual opinion on this product! Please ignore these awful photos they will be replaced!) 

Ever since the age of eight I've had horrible short straw like hair. I made the stupid decision to cut it just below my ears, and of course hated it. My hair is incredibly frizzy, and just does not do what I would like. Since then I've had a huge self esteem issue, and recently I just couldn't live with it anymore so I went on the hunt for some extensions. 

It may sound a bit extreme but I felt so low, that I decided this was the next option for me. I am so glad I choose to, as I am so much happier and confident. 

I bought my set from LUSH Hair Extensions, I bought the 20'' Clip In Human Hair Set, and it cost £46.99..  It comes with a set of eight different clips. They were ridiculously long, so I went to a salon and had them cut into more hair, layered and shaped. 

I only wear three out of the full set (Two Three Clips and One Four Clip) I start the three clip at the nape of my neck, the next three clip just below my ear and the four clip just above my ear. I normally war my hair as styled above (curly or straightened) and part the front part of my hair and secure with a cute little bow. 

I would really recommend this company, they offer a free colour matching service, and also offer a full refund if you are not happy with the product. I received mine the very next day, in perfect condition in beautiful packaging and could not be happier. 

I cannot feel the clips unless they very rarely move, then they will pull or itch, but its incredibly easy to fix. I wear the set every day they are REMY Human hair so I wash them as normal (in the sink however) They can be styled as desired including braided or put up, just make sure the clips aren't visible!

I love these, and once they reach the end of their life I will defiantly be repurchasing, really recommend them! I would love to buy the deluxe set next! Really recommend this if you are looking for great quality extensions!

Do you wear hair Extensions?

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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Homemade Pizza Recipe

650g Strong White Flour                                                        
1 Sachet of Fast Action Dry Yeast                                             
2 Tsp of Salt                                                                                
2 Tsp of Olive Oil                                                                       
50ml Warm Milk                                                                         
325ml Warm Water                                                                      

Measuring Jug
Weighing Scales
10/11inch Circular Baking Tray
Wooden Spoon 
Cheese Grater
Rolling Pin

Step One: 
First measure your flour and pour it into your bowl, using your fingers make a well in the middle of your flour and then pour your sachet of yeast, salt and olive oil into the well. Then fill up the rest of the well with flour. 

Step Two:
Then Pour in the water and mix it in. Pour the milk into a bowl and warm it in the microwave for thirty seconds and pour into the mixture. If the mixture is too wet then add a dash of flour, and if it too dry and falling apart then add some water. Do this throughout.

Step Three:
When your dough is firm (it should still feel slightly wet and warm) and has formed a ball then dust a surface with some flour, and start kneading your dough. Do this for about five minutes, and it will be a firm ball. When you think its ready, dust some flour onto a rolling pin and start rolling it out. As it stretches it will almost always ping back, keep doing this and eventually it will start to stretch out.

Step Five:
Depending on your taste you can keep rolling it until its quite think or you can make it thick if your prefer a thick base. Using Olive Oil grease the baking tray, and then place the dough onto the tray. Using a knife cut out any excess that may drape over the sides. (You can use this for the crust!) 

Step Six:
Using the excess place it around the edge and mold it into the shape of a crust. You can now use either ketchup or pizza sauce - I prefer ketchup and using a spoon I evenly apply this across the base. 

Step Six: 
Grate your cheese and evenly apply across the pizza, and apply any toppings you would like - I either go for pancetta or ham! (How original!) Then place it in the oven at 200° for around 10-18 minutes - I find optimum time is around 13 minutes! 

So there we go, my first recipe for my blog! I really love homemade pizza and its especially fun making it with my brothers or sisters! I hope you having a wonderful summer vacation if you live in America, and if your in England - or anywhere else then I hope you are enjoying your last few weeks at school before summer holidays! 

If you have any questions, just ask underneath and I'll be sure to reply! 

(As usual if you have any requests then just leave them the requests below!)

Friday, 13 June 2014

Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials

(I know, I know I'm awful and haven't updated in so long! I feel like I all I do is give excuses but to be honest I have just started my GCSE'S, but that is no excuse! I also have been struggling with ideas of what to post so please let me know what you would like to see or what you think I should post as most of the time I have no clue!)

Hey Guys, this is my Summer Essentials that I have been pinning for recently, and might well treat myself too!

1. Bug Eye Sunglasses (Available here)
Okay I'm a hoarder.. but you can never have too many sunglasses right... and besides the fact that I always seem to lose my pairs and the fact that three of mine are currently at the bottom of a lake in the middle of France..

2. MAC 217 Blending Brush (Available here)
I always convince myself that I don't need this but it always creeps back onto my wishlist and I think that this month it might end up in my basket too.. Woops, its worth it right?

3. Revlon Lip Butter (Available here)
I only have one of these, and I need MORE! They're so natural and creamy on the lips! A summer staple defiantly! T

4. MAC Bronzer (Available here)
No Summer Makeup is complete without bronzing, and seeing as the fact that my Benefit Bronzer has hit pan and practically disappeared I think it's time to test out the MAC Bronzer as I've heard so many people love it!

5. MAC Lipstick in 'SHANGHAI SPICE' (Available here)
I've seen this raved about recently as a 'your lip but better' colour and I think this will be so beautiful  in the summer, so I've been longing to add this to my mini collection. 

6. TOPSHOP Blue Rosa Shorts (Available here)
I don't have any shorts that fit anymore... so time to add these bad boys into my Summer Waderobe. Besides, TOPSHOP shorts are a definite must in every Summer Wardrobe. 

7. MAC Pro long wear Concealer (Available here)
I am need of a new concealer as my Benefit Concealer has almost wasted away! And everyone and their cat's mothers rave about this. I also get really lazy with makeup in hot weather and only wear a concealer, so I really need a high coverage concealer to hide those ugly spots that keep making appearances!

8. Infinity Ring (Available here)
Everyone but me has one of these, there so cute and dainty! I think i'll defiantly get a lot of use out of this in the summer!

So, I hope this gave you some inspiration and you enjoyed reading this post!

P.S: I've had a few unfollowers recently! Please don't unfollow my blog, it breaks my heart!

What have you been longing for recently?

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

May Favourites

This year is whizzing by, it was only yesterday I was writing my christmas list; and were already half way into 2014! Which also means that it's summer, and there's only six weeks left of school! I'm thinking about doing a summer makeup and outfit look book if you would like. If you have any requests please please leave it in the comments below as I would love to do all of your requests!

1. MAC Paintpot in 'Chrome Angel'
I bought this little beauty around January/February time, but hadn't really used up until two weeks ago. It's quite an unusual colour choice, but my eyelids are completly white (due to a skin condition - explained in an older post.) so this is basically a base colour. It gives a beautiful light shimmer and glides on easily.

2. Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Cat Eyes Mascara
This mascara, wow. Everything I ask for in a mascara. It's volumizing and elongating without being too clumpy. It literally glides on and lasts all day, without flaking off or smudging! Not much else to say than I have been loving this!

3. MAC 234 Brush
I don't normally wear eyeshadow as lets be honest I'm a bit lazy but I am trying to wear eyeshadow more often. But this brush helps to easily create a smokey eye, and shades and blends like a dream and I'm thinking of adding the 217 to my growing collection.

4. V05 Smoothly Does It Heat Protect Serum
Seeing as I straighten my hair everyday I did use heat defence spray but it took forever to dry and left my hair feeling slightly greasy, so I went on a hunt and found this beauty. It keeps my hair straight all day and leaves it feeling and looking sleek and smooth.

5. Real Techniques Contour Brush 
I think I always have a Real Techniques Brush in my favourites, woops! But I have been loving this brush seeing as its summer and I always contour in the summer. This brush just makes it so much easier to reach the hollows of your cheeks.

I hope you enjoyed this, what have you been loving recently?

(My new update update is every four days, so please leave a request below of what you would like to see on Sunday!)