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Friday, 20 June 2014

Hair Extenstions Review

(This post is in no way sponsored, this is my actual opinion on this product! Please ignore these awful photos they will be replaced!) 

Ever since the age of eight I've had horrible short straw like hair. I made the stupid decision to cut it just below my ears, and of course hated it. My hair is incredibly frizzy, and just does not do what I would like. Since then I've had a huge self esteem issue, and recently I just couldn't live with it anymore so I went on the hunt for some extensions. 

It may sound a bit extreme but I felt so low, that I decided this was the next option for me. I am so glad I choose to, as I am so much happier and confident. 

I bought my set from LUSH Hair Extensions, I bought the 20'' Clip In Human Hair Set, and it cost £46.99..  It comes with a set of eight different clips. They were ridiculously long, so I went to a salon and had them cut into more hair, layered and shaped. 

I only wear three out of the full set (Two Three Clips and One Four Clip) I start the three clip at the nape of my neck, the next three clip just below my ear and the four clip just above my ear. I normally war my hair as styled above (curly or straightened) and part the front part of my hair and secure with a cute little bow. 

I would really recommend this company, they offer a free colour matching service, and also offer a full refund if you are not happy with the product. I received mine the very next day, in perfect condition in beautiful packaging and could not be happier. 

I cannot feel the clips unless they very rarely move, then they will pull or itch, but its incredibly easy to fix. I wear the set every day they are REMY Human hair so I wash them as normal (in the sink however) They can be styled as desired including braided or put up, just make sure the clips aren't visible!

I love these, and once they reach the end of their life I will defiantly be repurchasing, really recommend them! I would love to buy the deluxe set next! Really recommend this if you are looking for great quality extensions!

Do you wear hair Extensions?

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  1. They look so nice! Blend in with your hair so well :)

    1. Aw thank you - they really do match, I love them so much!