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Saturday, 13 December 2014

The Secrets of Blogging - BLOGMAS DAY THIRTEEN!

I can't believe there's only eleven days left until christmas, slightly scary but I cannot wait! Anyway, there are many unknown secrets to blogging that I thought I'd share with you too!

1. Domain Name
The name of your blog matters hugely, much to many's disbelief. For example, if you name it after yourself it would take a longer amount of time for people to find, where as if you name it 'beauty blog' or 'teen advice' people would be more likely to find it as they search for 'teen advice' specifically rather than your name. Of course you can change your domain name whenever you would like to so you can always then change it to something different. I'm not saying that your blog will not become successful but it may take a longer amount of time for readers to find it. I actually personally don't like the name 'Daisy's Teen Beauty Blog' and would rather something different but I know that teenagers or brands are more likely to find it as they specifically search for 'Teen Beauty Blog'.

2. Blogging Community 
There is no such thing as the blogging community, and theres not actually a way to 'join' instead just get stuck in. Email bloggers, comment on different blogs and just generally get stuck in by talking to different bloggers and making friends. Blogging friends is a fabolous way to advertise, as other readers/bloggers may see your comments or your new friend may even mention your blog on a post, or to their friends and family!

3. Pictures
Everybody judges a post by the name and the picture; the pictures are of course the most important they instantly either draw a reader in or push them away. Ultimately it decides whether their going to read the post or not - and I personally recommend taking all the photos yourself as it's more personal to the reader and yourself. Try and include something else in the background rather than just having a plain background as of course its more interesting, fairly lights or tea lights are a great way to spice up the photo or add some seasonal effects light christmas hats for Decemeber or leaves for autumn! Also utilise natural light, mid day is the best time to take photos! If you have written a few posts all ready take the time to do as many photos as you can so there all ready prepared.

4. Post Name
The name you entitle the post is perhaps one of the most important parts, as it determines the audience you receive. If you name a post something like 'Foundation Routine' rather than 'What Foundation I Wear every day' you'll actually receive a higher audience amount so try and base the Blog title around what readers are more likely to search for. (Hopefully that makes sense) Always try and make the title as relatable as the content as possible!

I hope this gives you some insight on blogging secrets, if you know any please let me know below - I'd love to hear about them!

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