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Thursday, 11 December 2014

How To Do A Smokey Eye - BLOGMAS DAY ELEVEN!

God, this month is definately whizzing by! Which means my dreaded English GCSE exam is closer (Thursday 18th for those wondering!) but on a lighter note it means Christmas is getting closer and closer! Thankfully, I'm all prepared and have bought everybody's gifts and there all ready wrapped! Anyway, I thought that today I would write a Smokey Eye Tutorial, it's a post that I have been planning and working on for a long time and have been so excited to upload! I hope this is all useful for you, and you enjoy this post!

Start this look by wetting your eyeshadow brush very slightly and picking up a champagne shade, by wetting the brush it allows the eyeshadow to become more vibrant and also holds the eyeshadow in place for a longer amount of time and prevents creasing! You can also use a primer to keep the shadows in place, however my primers were a bit to dark for my friends eyelids so I didn't personally use them. Then use a strip of cellotape and place it in line with your eye and eyebrow end to catch the fallout and to also make it look really neat. (If you do not like the abruptness then simply blend the edges with a brush after taking off the cellotape.)

Using a small liner brush place a dark colour in a V Shape in your outer corner. (As seen in the second photo.) Make this as dark as possible as when you blend it, it looses a lot of color, then using a small shader brush apply a light color (I used a gold with green undertones) within the centre of the V Shape you have created. This adds a hint of colour, allows the eye to stand out a bit more and also works as a transition shade. You can also use a lighter shade of the color you have choosen as a transition shade if you wish, it's also slightly easier so I recommend that if your just starting of.

Then using a blending brush softly begin blending the colours within each other, focusing more attention within the middle and less on the outer corner. If it gets too light or you want to achieve a 'Smokey-Er Eye' then you can always go back in and apply some more of the darker shade or the transitional shade - you can keep doing this until you create your desired look. 

Slowly and with practise it should start to come together and eventually you'll be able to do it very easily. I would recommend doing it with your eye open as you can create it basing on what it looks like with your eye open hence it will look far better. As you can see in the photo above I created it with her eye shut so it would look good in the photos of her eyes shut, rather than with it open so it looks a bit odd in the centre photo. I also don't recommend going right up to your eyebrow as I only did it for the photos, I recommend stopping just above your crease.

I really hope you enjoyed this, and you found it helpful! Let me know in the comments if you found his helpful and what eyeshadow shades you like to use! 


  1. This is soo similar to something I do! It's one of my favourite eye looks - love it!

    Bec x


    1. One of my favourites too, but not normally in this shade! x

  2. Me again! I'd love to see you get involved in something different and exciting over on my blog for an upcoming post this weekend! Head over now to check it out and see if you're interested!

    Bec xx


    1. Okay I'll check it out! Happy holidays! x