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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

How To Have A Successful Beauty Blog - BLOGMAS DAY TWO!

First of all, I want to let you know that I am in no way, shape or form saying I have a successful beauty blog, and I deffinately do not have a successful beauty blog. I have a substantial amount of people asking for tips on asking how to create a beauty blog, and I thought that a post would be far more informative and helpful for all of you.

1. Regular Updates
When I first started this blog, I would only update once a month, and I thought this was fairly regularly. This is perhaps the most ridiculous blogging advice ever. The more you write no doubtbly the better your writing shall become. If your updating frequently, your audience will increase as will your followers; scheduled posts are also a great way to increase audience, by letting your readers know when to expect updates they can find you reliable and will often check back within the day.

2. Organisation
Organisation is key, and perhaps one of the most important factors in running your own blog. I personally love organisation as I feel I am on top of things, and it's quite exciting to think of the prospects of actually writing the posts and taking photos. I carry round a small leather book (roughly A5) and my favourite pen (yes I have such thing) and bring it EVERYWHERE. Whether its to school or just out, I always bring it with me. This allows me to write down sudden ideas for posts that I may have or sudden things I need to complete on my blog. I also bring blogger planning sheets with me and write days that I want to upload, details, photo ideas, etc. Plan your posts, and keep to deadlines as much as possible. (Please remember that if your in school, school is most important although your blog is still important to you, please put school first as it will help you in the long run!)

3. Pre Write
Pre write as many posts as you can. I find that after writing one post, I'm in the mood to continue writing so I do, I write posts that may not be scheduled to be uploaded for another month but I try and write as many as I can in one day. If your going on holiday or going away and do not have the capability to write during those weeks then try and write prior to going on holiday. Pre writing also allows you to have days or weeks of, which in the blogging world comes a time when it is needed. I hate neglecting my blog, so if I find that I need a week of then I write a few posts to keep it going for a few weeks so I do not need to worry, and actually give myself a break.

4. Give yourself time off
Having mentioned having days of, I realised it is an important factor in the maintenance of your blog. Much to many's peoples beliefs, blogging is a job; it does take a fair amount of time, patience and energy. For many bloggers (me included) blogging is something that we love to do therefore it does not feel like a job - but it is. Like other jobs there comes a time where you need a break, and allow yourself to do so. Your readers would much rather that you don't update for a few days and then come back doing posts that you are much happier with and are generally better than posts that are rushed and ones that you are not so happy with. You would be amazed at the prospect of how much a break does not only help yourself, but also your blog and your readers.

5. Show your personality
I know I am personally a perfectionist and I love articulate words, correct grammar and for my blog to come across professional, however don't forget to also let your personality show. Don't be afraid to write a wholesome post fulfilled with your personality. Readers love to get to know you and your personality, don't be afraid to be yourself and definitely don't pretend to be somebody your not.

So if any of you are thinking of starting a blog, I would 100% reccomend it and say go for it, it is a lot of work but one of the most rewarding and enjoyable things I have done, and could not be more pleased with how its going. I hope these tips will help you, and as I said don't forget to be yourself!

What are your top tips for having a successful blog?


  1. This is some of the best blogging advice Daisy and I'd 100% say the same thing!

    Becca x


    1. Thank you Becca! So kind!

  2. Hi, I have just started a blog recently after deleting the one i had last year because it didn't feel like i was being me. Thankyou for this advice, it's really going to help me as i want to stick with it this time as i really enjoy doing it. I'm now going to spend the rest of my afternoon reading your posts. <3


    1. I completely understand, I too deleted my prior blog to having this one but sometimes a fresh start is needed for the road to success! How is your new one going now? If you need any advice or want to talk some more you can email me if you would like! (My email is given in the contact section at the top!) Thank you so much, thats so sweet!
      Daisy xx