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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Beauty Products Not Worth The Hype

Hey Lovelies! 

Hope your all doing great, and enjoying your week of! So I have been spamming people's beauty blogs, looking for ideas for mine! I found lots of good ideas, and I CANT wait to put them on here! But I choose my favourite which was 'Beauty Products Not Worth The Hype' I love reading these, and quite recently I have bought so many beauty products which I really regret! This is my opinion, maybe you love all of these, and maybe I just had some bad luck! So leave a comment on your opinons about these! Okay so here we go!

The first product is the 'Maybelline Baby Lips.'

When they first became popular which was about August time I was on holiday in America, so I sent my dad to CVS and he bought me one. During this time my lips were quite chapped and dry, so I couldn't wait to try it out. At first it did feel mostirising and soft, and then it started to dry out my lips, and the colour made my lips look even more dry and chapped. All of the colours are really awful, there all so bright so when you apply them they look like crayon, and make your lips look dry and feel even more dry! I think I'm the only person in this world, that dosn't like these! Whats your experince with these? 

The Second Product is the Benefit 'They're Real Mascara'

Okay again I seem like the only person in the world to not like this too, I guess I'm really fussy! When I first got this I loved it! I bought it in sephora in America for £13 and got a smaller one for free too! It is said to make your lashes longer than any other mascara, and it really did, I noticed quite a large difference, than my old drugstore mascara. However although it is a brillant elongating mascara, it is incrdibly clumpy, and flaky! I also find it smudges very easily, dosn't last for very long and is a pain to remove! You never seem to completely get it all off, and when you do you spend about ten minutes rubbing each eye which is really irritating! You can't use make up wipes, and you need to use special eye make up remover, which STILL dosn't remove it! Whats your experince with these?

The Third Product is the 'Hoola' Bronzer

Now I know everybody will disagree with me here! But I really do like this bronzer, I've had it for a really long time, and it hasn't really worn! The packaging is very neat, and compact and beautiful! I love benefit packaging its all so cute! It does last for a long time, and I have bitten pan yet! However, it is so expensive for what it is! Although you do get a lot of product it is still not worth it! The bronzer is incredibly hard to build, on paler skin tones, you have to use the finest amount, and with more darker skin tones you need to build up a lot! I also find after less than an hour it has completely come off no matter how much you wear! It is a very nice chocolate matte colour and finish, however it is almost an exact match of the "Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzing Powder' which is only £6.99! 

The Fourth and Final Product is the 'Models Own Blending Sponges'

I personally don't see how the blending sponges really help with applying foundation. I really like how you can use the doomed edges for your cheeks, and forehead, and chin etc, where as the pointed edge is perfect for around your eyes and around your nose! I also do think it does save a lot of time! However, I don't think they apply your foundation/ BB cream - whatever you are using any better. I also think they are incredibly hard to use, there hard and get really dirty! There really hard to clean, so you end up needing to replace it every month as they build up with product so easily!

So I hope you like this blogpost, I know its not a turtorial or anything like that but it's quite a popular choice! I hope you liked this update, please leave a nice comment below or follow my blog! Thanks girlies, Love you!
Daisy xx


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