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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Choosing The Right Concealer

Hi Beauties,

How have you been enjoying your easter holiday? I have not left the house. No joke, I left to go to bicster with my mum, and I went to my sisters work to earn some spare cash, so it won't be a surprise if I upload a beauty haul next week! And besides I needed to catch up on some seriously well earned beauty sleep! Anyway, back in september I uploaded a 'Choosing The Right Foundation' and lots of people enjoyed it, and it was quite popular, so I decided to start a series, and this will be the second of which! I hope you like this, and find it helpful!

"Choosing The Right Type of Concealer"

There are several different types of concealer, and they each work differently and will be suited to different types of skin. So this will help you choose the best suited concealer type for you.

Liquid Concealer
Liquid Concealer is defiantly the most popular concealer, as it is quite versatile. It has a build able coverage although some are pacifically designed as low coverage concealers or high coverage concealers. Most concealers are buildable, it seems like all concealers have these options. It is also the easiest concealer to blend quickly, and easily.  Which makes it the best concealer for blemishes due to the liquidy consitancy, and as it is easy to blend it won't agitate your spots, and won't clog your pores either. Hooary!

Cream Concealer
This concealer works best for covering discolarations. (Such as bruises or under eye circles) and will work best for someone with dry or sensitive skin. Cream concealers typically have a medium to full coverage. Because it has a thick consitancy it'll be easier to build on the coverage. Because of this you need to make sure you completely blend it out, so it won't look cakey. However it is most likely to crease, so it is best to set it with loose powder, to try and prevent this from happening.

Stick Concealer

Stick concealer is best for dry or sensitive skin, and the coverage is completely versatile - it can give a light or full coverage, this is best as it can be built up or completely blended out. It's great for hiding redness, and discolarations. Not really suitable for under eye circles due to the fact that it will crease easily in those areas. Although if you have acne or spots and are using a stick concealer, STOP! Because it is so thick it will clog your pores/spots/acne and will most likely agitate it. So stick concealer is best for discolorations or redness around the forehead, cheeks or chin.

Those are kind of the main three concealers, and they all work different and suit different skin types, so next will be how to choose and apply the concealer.

"Choosing The Colour "

Highlighting/Brightening Concealer
If you want a brightening concealer then you can get pacific concealers designed for brightening or choose a normal concealer which is lighter than your actual skin tone. Sometimes two shades lighter depending on the shade range. Brightening concealer is typically used underneath the eyes, brow bone, cupids bow or the nose - all depending on what you want to highlight.

Colour Correcting Concealer
These concealers are generally used for skin issues such as redness, or bruising/veins, or really bad under eye circles. A lot of drugstore companies are now following the high end companies and creating colour correcting primers/concealers/foundations. You want to apply these before your nomad concealer or foundation. So basically before anything else. Each colour will help to conceal certain things. Green conceals redness, Yellow will cover reins or under eye circles, lavender conceals bruising or yellow tones.

How To Choose
Likewise when choosing your foundation colour you should always colour match to your neck, or face never to your hand as although similar it will normally be one or two shades lighter, as you don't typically tan on your neck. When choosing your concealer you need to think about what your are targeting wether it be blemishes, or under eye circles, you can always find concealers that target the problem. You should also always find a second opinion so I recommend always checking out the reviews.

Applying The Concealer 
Also like foundation there are numerous ways to apply your concealer, you can use your hands which is the easiest to blend as it warms the concealer between your fingers and makes it easier to blend. When blending concealers, you should use your ring finger as it is the most delicate finger. Most concealers come with a wand, or brush on the end, to apply, and then you can blend with your fingers or a brush. Most brushes tend to have a specific use so its easy to find a brush to apply your concealer. I use the real techniques shading brush to apply my concealer as I find its the perfect size, and sue the buffing brush to blend in - although this isn't the most sensible brush to be using around my eyes seeing as it is so big, but it works for me. You should always choose the best tools suited to you, not any one else!

I hope that helped, as I can assure you my fingers are numb. Haha, hopefully it was worth it knowing I've helped you guys out! So I hope you all enjoyed your holidays, and this was helpful! HAPPY EASTER! Don't forget to enjoy your last day of tomorrow! Love you guys!

Love Daisy


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    1. Thank you, it means so much for your comment and follow! Unfortantly I can only speak english and little french and italian so cannot read your blog, sorry xx

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    1. Thank you, as is yours! I really like all the photos you've taken - great quality! Thank you for taking the time to comment it means a lot! if you would like to talk to me just drop me a email! (: xx