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Monday, 5 May 2014

Very Important Notice!

Hey Beauties,

I hope you are enjoying your bank holiday weekend as much as I have! Thank goodness its May, and the suns out! Time to update my wardrobe I think!

Anyway, I wanted to let you know about some important changes that will be happening throughout my blog! The first change is this was no longer be a beauty blog, it will be a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog! There will be minimal lifestyle posts and will mainly focal on beauty and fashion; because of this change it will be very likely my blog name/URL will change! So over the next few weeks I will be introducing fashion and a few lifestyle posts! This is going to be a very important change, as I know from reading other peoples blogs views go down and you loose readers! I completely understand how annoying it is to realise your favourite blog has vanished! So to stay in touch with this blog, you need to follow my blog to keep up to date with the changes! This is very easy, you can know follow via bloglovin or by google! It will take less than a minute, so please click that follow button! 

The second change is this blog will be going in for a makeover, over the next few weeks this blog will change dramatically. I want it to be more professional, sleek and colourful. I will have a new blog header, font, and design and general rearrangement! I am also hoping to include some more blog gadgets, and work out the positioning and sizing of my ads! I am so excited about this because it has been on my too do list for a long time! 

And the best thing is I will be hosting a GIVEAWAY! I am not entirely sure on what I will be including, although I am wanting to do a MAC Lipstick Giveaway, because I love my MAC lipsticks!  I will be hosting the giveaway as soon the changes are complete so hopefully within 2-3 weeks! To do stay in touch with more information on the giveaway just follow my blog! Which as mentioned earlier, you can know do via bloglovin' or Google! Its that simple! 

I hope you are as excited as I am for these changes! I also really hope you follow my blog, because I would hate to loose some of my lovely followers and commenters, so please again follow so you won't loose this site!

Love Daisy


  1. I'm so excited to see all these changes! I can't wait for the giveaway! I love makeup!

    1. As am I! You better watch out, it will be up very soon the changes have already started taking place! I hope you like them! I too love makeup! x

  2. A mac giveaway sounds so good! If you ever need help with anything bloggy again, feel free to email me I may (possibly) be able to help x

    1. Hi Emily! Sorry I have taken so long to reply, I have been in France for a school activity break and haven't had wifi! Thank you! I may have to message you tonight been struggling to make the changes that I am happy with! Thanks again, and I may be purchasing the giveaway prize this weekend! I hope you enter, and are doing well xx

  3. Good for you for making changes! I've just followed you via blog lovin to keep up to date with it all :) Would love if you could check out my blog back!
    A MAC lipstick is always a good thing to give away - can't really go wrong there!!

    1. Thank you hun, their taking much longer than I first expected! Thank you for following, I will defiantly be checking out your blog! Thank you for following and commenting! And sorry for the late reply, I was away with my school in France for a week! x