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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Sephora Sydney Haul

Three weeks ago now my brother and his lovely girlfriend went to Australia for the holidays to see her family since she is Australian and since they are both so kind they said they could pick some products up for me from the Sephora in Sydney that has just opened. I was so excited especially because I had been planning on making a order around this time and it would have worked out incredibly expensive so that saved me some time and most importantly money! I was also super excited because in the end they decided it would be my christmas presents! Since he's been there naturally I can't wait for them to get back, and also because I miss them very much! He arrived very early yesterday morning and I was super excited! The only thing that I'm a little bum-ed at is that fact I didn't know they were selling 'it cosmetics' - a brand i've been longing to try!

1. Antonym Powder Brush
I had originally asked for a Sephora Pro-Airbrush Powder Brush but unfortunately they had it out of stock so lucky for me my brother picked out this one instead. (Yes, I have the best brother ever!) The brand Antonym is a brand I've never before heard of. I did some research and it's a brand thats cruelty  free whilst being eco friendly! The brush itself is incredibly soft (softest brush I know of) and from first impressions it pacts on product very neatly without leaving it cake-y.

2. Makeup Forever HD Concealer
Makeup Forever is a brand that is not very easily accessible in the UK, even though it is an incredibly loved brand around the world and known by many make up artists it still won't be accesiable until Spring of this year. Large Debenham stores shall be stocking a few of there products and I am really hoping they stock the foundation and eyeshadows because I am really hoping to get my hands on those! Anyway as for the concealer, it is extremely high coverage and a little goes a long way and although it is very thick I like this concealer. I am still trying to figure out how I like to use this, so I will keep you updated and do a full review in the future. The only thing I would say is if you blend it lightly it offers much better coverage and does not look as cake-y but does not last as long where as if you blend it lightly the coverage isn't as good and it sinks into fine lines and can come across cake-y. Which is kind of confusing to say the least!

3. Marc Jacobs O Mega Bronze!
Oh my god, oh my god.  Those are the only words I can honestly use because I am so so excited. I had first come across this when Essie Button used it and raved about it in so many videos, and since then I've decided I needed it. It made even more sense when I hit pan on two bronzers, and of course I 'needed' a new one for when I've completely used them up. This bronzer is so amazing, it's soft and subtle but still gives a beautiful glow and bronzed look. It gave me a very relaxed contour across my cheekbones and lasts all day. It is very pricey but the compact and product is huge, I do not see myself hitting pan for at least a year! Totally recommend this!

4. Tarte Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturiser 
Yet again another Essie Button induced purchase! I've had quite a few Tarte products by now and loved the brand. Having seen a lot of reviews of this product I new I wanted to try it out. I needed a product that would give a light coverage since I hate foundations and heavy coverage products as I feel so aware that there on my skin and I just feel like they look cake-y. This product conceals redness and gives the skin a radiant glow and looks almost undetectable on the skin.

So I hope you enjoyed this post, please leave me some recommendations below on what I should purchase from Sephora next! If you would like to see a full in depth review for any of these products do let me know below!

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