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Saturday, 11 April 2015

My Top Five Under £10 - Guest Post by Maddie Victoria

I am Maddie a beauty lover who walks up and down Boots and House Of Fraser counters countless times indulging in highstreet to highend makeup, despite my Dad's disapproval at my make-up collection which is quickly expanding. Anyway I have had the chance to chat to Daisy and as you all know she is so lovely and a very good blogger as her blog envelops me in beauty goodness, however my bank balance may feel differently due to all her good recommendations from planners to lighting. I also have a little slice on the internet known as Madison Victoria x full to the brim with beauty posts. Enough promos today I am giving you the low down on my top five beauty and skincare products all under £10 ...

First and foremost skincare ...
This is a bargain and rediscovery in my collection I have raved about this on my blog a couple of times but this really does check every box especially only at £3.75. As the name would suggest it is of a cream texture that you apply to a cotton pad and then rub it in circles on the eye and the cream although simple solves the whole They're Real Mascara dilemma with a bit of rubbing and better yet it doesn't make your eyes feel like they are on fire. Another benefit is that the eye make-up remover is so east to apply however slightly more greasy feeling than a normal cream texture. 

Again another bragain coming in at a measly £1.84 but yet another great product. I have to admit this is a fairly new product but I have definitely put it through it's paces. First of all this is completely different to the simple one as this is a water consistency but again is applied on to a cotton pad and rubbed in circular motions on the face. This cleansing water breaks down the make-up completely and doesn't result in my sensitive skin looking very easily matched to a strawberry the next morning, it also only takes two minutes in the bathroom and you have clean skin and a clean concious for taking your make-up off. 

Moving on to make-up ...
Foundation is always slightly more expensive at £6.99 however I picked this up on a whim when Rimmel London were doing a promotion. I do have a confession though I was slightly scared to wear a foundation as I veer more towards the BB and CC creams when strolling the lengths of the Boots aisles, however this may of converted me. This specific foundation I apply by placing a pump all over my face and then blending ... blending ... blending. It sits on the face nicely covering a few imperfections and some redness but still offering a fresh faced look. It still lets the skin breath and doesn't clog the pores and result in break outs this means the next morning that whole strawberry face situation is diverted. The devity of this foundation is nothing special but a few powder fix ups throughout the day changes that all around. 

A fairly new purchase however it has quickly become a staple product. I am slightly late on the Apocalips bandwagon I have a few but I just forget about them so I thought it was time to rekindle my love for them so I went searching for a new shade and found one called Meteoric Matte. These are slightly more expensive compared to the other products retailing for £6.49 but I feel is 100% worth it. This is the perfect shade for us new beginners when it comes to venturing in to the world of vampy lips as it is not too dark but still offers a world of impact.  One claim is that it lasts 8 hours however this is not entirely true as the day regimes of eating and talking (a lot of it when your me) result in the colour fading. What do you think ...

​Now a fresh fragrance ...
This beautiful fragrance retails at £8 which I think is perfect for this 45 ml body mist. I use this as an everyday fragrance due to the fresh and floral scent which still incorporates the girly vibes of my personality. Also how cute is the packaging?! 

Thank you lovelies for reading I hope you enjoyed this little guest post and I would love it if you popped by mine and had a little peek and find something that tickles your pickle at 

Again thank you to Daisy you have been a dream to work with and so much more organized than me.

Hugs and Kisses,
Maddie xx

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