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Monday, 11 May 2015

Anastasia Brow Wiz and Anastasia Clear Brow Gel Review

Brows play such a large part in many makeup tutorials and makeup trends and Anastasia is a brand known for their brow products, and being the bad beauty blogger that I am it has meant that up until two weeks ago I had not once purchased a brow product from this particular brand. It is also a brand that is famous for their brow wiz, and recently it seemed like I could not step foot onto a blog or a youtube channel without seeing this mentioned and adored by everybody, and there comes a time when you have to jump onto the bandwagon sooner or later! (As mentioned in my favourites)

The brow wiz is a product that has revolutionised my brow life. It is a small pencil that has the product on one end and a spoile the other in order to brush your brows prior to filling them in. The pencil itself is very small and allows you to fill in your brows far easier and far more precisely. It is quick, the pencil is soft and easy to use and the product itself stays on all day. The colour range is also fantastic, and everybody will be able to find a perfect match for their brows! Available here for purchase.

The brow gel is like hairspray for your brows. There is nothing to compare with this, it almost clamps your hairs down and does not let a single hair stray from its place. It does unfortunately leave a crunchy texture on the brows, but I can't say that I sit there touching my brows too often for it to be a noticable problem. Despite that it does not leave your brows looking fake, or crunchy and therefore this is quickly becoming a holy grail. It also does not alter other brow products like so brow gels and lasts all day. Available here for purchase.

So that was my opinion on some of the Anastasia products, have you tried any Anastasia products? If not do you want to?


  1. I am the laziest person on the face of the planet when it comes to my brows! You should do a brow tutorial because your brows were on point in your last Instagram update!
    Gorgeous post lovey!

    Bec x


    1. So am I, but this is super quick! Most days I just brush them and leave them! I'd rather sleep for longer! Will do! xxx

  2. You have the best layout for your blog I'm jealous :'(

    1. Hahah, thank you charlie! Aleelilydesigns designed it for me! I love it too!