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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Three Inexpensive Skincare* Favourites for Summer

(These products have been sent to me, however all opinions expressed are genuine and products I would completely recommend and purchase myself!)

For me, skin care is my primary concern and I'm quite happy to spend more on skincare if I get the results, but this means that I never get to try skincare products from brands that are readily available at lower prices. But recently I have found three inexpensive products that are most definitely ones to call home about!

Recently, my skin has been breaking out super badly and I have tried so many products in order to try and banish my break outs but nothing has worked! Until now! Neutrogena Clear Spot Clearing Facial Wash* is the only product that I have tried that I notice an improvement within minutes! It reduces the appearance of blemishes, and manages to clear break outs within a day or two - far quicker than any other treatments I have tried. For me this has become an irreplaceable product that I shall continue to repurchase!

Normally, my skin is very dry but during summer my t-zone has a mind of its own and is super oily! I  prefer a dewy base during the summer months, but recently that has been out of the question. The Clean and Clear Advantage Oil Control Cream Wash* instantly mattifies skin, so I include this in my morning and evening skincare routine. This prolongs the wear of my makeup, and extends the amount of time in which I have to blot/powder. Definitely a recommendation during this season!

The final product that has made its way into my skincare routine, is the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Stress Control Wash*. It prevents and reduces breakouts and begins to work immediately. The clarity of my skin has improved drastically since using this product, and since then I haven't broken out at all! Its a gentle product that I would recommend to all skin types.

All of these products are inexpensive and readily available, and something I would recommend to all skin types, and are most definitely products that are worth a phone call home. I am super sorry about the delay of this post, I have had so many exams recently and my camera cable was broken but I am trying to get back to my normal update schedule; I'm super sorry!


  1. This is a lovely review Daisy! These products all sound so good too!


    1. Thank you Becca thats so kind! They are, they are such staples in my skincare routine and really recommend them! xxx

  2. These sound great! and such a bargain!
    Rachel Coco