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Thursday, 27 March 2014

March Beauty Favourites

Hi guys,
I know its been a long time no blog, but I've been really busy, caught up with friends and school work, and I haven't had much time for myself recently and been struggling. But, because of the strike today I finally had some time to sit down and relax and have some time for myself. Even if it was only catching up on sleep, tv and my blog! Right now were having fire proof doors put in through our house including our front door, which means no heating so its about -10 degrees and so I'm wearing about ten layers! Anyway, thats really of topic but here we go..

1. Naked 2 Palette
I had begged my parents for this for my birthday or christmas but they refuse to buy me makeup so I had to splurge my pocket money myself, but I'm so glad I did. It comes with twelve beautiful bronze coloured incredibly pigmented colours. I still can't work out why I didn't buy this before, seeing as it is so worth it. I know I will defiantly be completing the collection for the end of the year! Have you got any Naked palettes? They know have three palettes which are each designed to suit different coloured eyes! They all create such beautiful rich, smokey eyes and range from matte to shimmer! Picture on the right is mine from my instagram! Follow me!(:

2. Mac Mineralise Skinfinish Natural in Light Plus
So after sticking to my trusty rimmel stay matte powder I decided it was time to branch out and see what new picks were available. Of course my mind wondered to mac, and after thinking long and hard and looking at their different range i decided I wanted a light to medium coverage, and decided on the Mineralise Skinfinish! I'm so glad I did, it offers a light coverage that helps to hide redness, patchiness and minimises pores. it also doesn't look cakey and looks natural.

3. Real Techniques Core Collection - Buffing Brush
So I was going to do the whole collection but I decided just to pick out one of my most used brushes and my favourite which was this one. They're such good brushes and they each work out at £5.25 which is quite a bargain., in my opinion. They are all very multi purpose although they have their each own individual use. I use this one for my concealer as I think it helps pack in my concealer and give it a better coverage, and the bristles easily adapt to the shape of your face.

4. Benefit Erase Paste
This concealer. Wow. No words. it...nifkomf. PERFECT! THANK YOU BENEFIT! YOU HAVE AWNSERED MY PRAYERS! My dark circles, redness and black heads have been banished, I swear it brightens my eyes, whilst blending in my spots so much I can't see them. This is my all round perfect concealer, it does everything I ask, and I will continue to repurchase this for the rest of my life. It is so thick and creamy but blends in so easily, the only thing I can say is it smells.. really bad.. BUT ANYWAY THANK YOU BENEFIT FOR SORTING OUT THE WORLDS.. okay my biggest problem. I love you. No joke. Guys, go buy this. Now.

5. MAC Emanuel Ungaro Beauty Powder in 'Flower Mist Dew'
I'm not sure if its the packaging or beautiful pigmentation that drew my in but either way I love this. This is an incredibly old collection, back from 2008 I believe but I found it on DePop a site that I love so much, I have an awful addiction. This powder is a beautiful light pink. It gives such a light pink colour and a light sparkle that I love,  I never NEVER wear blush, but once again MAC you have changed my ways, and this is my staple blush.

So this was my March Favourites, I'm sorry I haven't updated but I promise I'm getting back into my blogging mojo, and aim to update three times a month! I hope you like it! Let me know what your march favourites have been, and how your year has been so far! Not gonna lie mines been a bit crappy, but on the brighter note my nephews being more in a little over 3 months! And I've finally picked my FINAL FINAL GCSE options! What have you choosen? What do you think of my new blog banner by the way!?

Love you guys!

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