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Friday, 20 March 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow Review

(Please let me know any post's that you'd like to see on Daisy's Teen Beauty Blog!) 

I cannot possibly explain the amount of time I have spent drooling over this palette, and gone back and fourth putting this into my basket then going to pay and deciding not to. Then when I finally did buy it, I was disappointed..

Charlotte Tilbury is such a luxury brand (I speak for the majority of the female population here) that most girls dream about owning and I am certainly no exception. So of course, (as I keep mentioning - I am very sorry) when I had the opportunity in Selfridges to buy this I jumped at the chance. When I swatched this in Selfridges both the highlighter and bronzer didn't swatch well but this was most likely due to the build up of oil on the surface caused by lots of people. First things first, the packing is to die for. It's sleek, compact, and has beautiful, intricate packaging. 

The product however, is where it really lets me down. Although I find that they have beautiful pigmentation, it's almost the wrong type of pigmentation. The highlight has too many gold tones for me to find it flattering on my pale skin, and I think even those with a light to medium or even medium to dark skin tone would also struggle to use this. I also find that it doesn't last as long as I would have hoped, and even though my skin isn't at all oily I find that the highlighter works it's way to the bottom of my face.. The bronze shade - again much to my disappointment I find it very difficult to work with.   Although having tried to use this in numerous different ways there is no way you can use this to contour because of the amount of glitter accumulated. Whilst with bronzer, I find this nice to work with in my temples, and cheekbones. Having said that - you need a light hand to apply this and even then you need to make sure you blend it very well.

So, although I am disappointed with this product, I still use it regularly (in turn with my Marc Jacobs O Mega Bronze!) to bronze up my skin, and I feel like I would reach for this fairly often in the summer when I have a bit more of a tan. I'd love to hear your thoughts if you have tried this product, and if you haven't I'd love to hear about your favourite bronzer in the comments below! 


  1. Hiya loving the packaging shame the product isn't as good and it is quite expensive just for the pretty packaging and for blog post ideas I would love to see some recipes maybe healthy ones xx

    1. It is a disappointment! I'm hoping it will grow on me! Haha! Thank you for that suggestion! I'll start some more recipes and definitely some healthy ones!! Thanks Maddie! Loving your blog at the moment! Xx

  2. I love your blog it would mean the world if you could check out mine! http://ellamaejones.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thank you, thats so sweet! Of course I will! It looks great!xxx