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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Zoeva Rose Gold Brushes Review

(First of I am very sorry that there are so many photos! These brushes are the most photogenic items I have ever laid eyes on, and I took about a million photos and then couldn't decide which ones to delete! I also just realised that I always start my posts with apologies so I'm sorry about that! - I rest my case..)

After seeing these brushes on perhaps every social media site possible and dropping many many hints in the weeks leading to my birthday I was lucky enough to receive these from my brother (even if they were three weeks late) and after ordering them (yes three weeks late.. and yes I'm still not over it!) they arrived three days later which was so exciting! Within the package (which I tore open in a record breaking four seconds) I was also given two free eye brushes as it was National Women's Day which was such a thoughtful idea, and they'll most definitely come in handy. After opening the package the first thing I noticed was how beautiful the case it came in was, it's very large which means it will now be my designated travel  makeup bag and is very good quality - real leather I believe.

The brushes are exceptionally soft and also apply product in such a beautiful manner. The set retails at £56 and it comes with eight brushes, so each brush works out at £7 which is extremely inexpensive for the quality of these brushes. Each have a designated purpose, although (being the rebel that I am,) I don't stick by that. I use the Silk Finish for powder as I found that it pacts on the powder really well, and I am currently enjoying the wing liner brush to contour my nose! The brushes are such good quality and I cannot recommend them enough. It's also an added bonus that they are perhaps the most photogenic item I have laid my eyes upon!

If you would like to purchase this set then you can do so here. Zoeva have also recently launched a matching eye set which I am lusting over right now, and a Rose Gold Volume Two set which are as equally beautiful! If you have tried these brushes I'd love to know your thoughts of them, and if you haven't I'd love to know your favourite brand of brushes!


  1. These look so pretty. The Face Shape brush looks like it would contour the cheekbones amazingly.

    Kristen // Everybeauty Talks

    1. They are such lovely brushes, and super easy to use! They are so multifuctional too, each of the brushes have so many uses!
      Love your blog!