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Friday, 21 August 2015

Beauty Storage Ideas

I was very lucky to have recently moved rooms in my house, and this meant I was fortunate enough to redecorate and get new beauty storage. Prior to this I was using muji drawers but they get dirty very very easily and I wanted something new. And I myself have been looking for beauty storage inspiration for my room, so I thought I would share my storage today after its been completed!

If your looking for new storage, Ikea is the deffinate place to go. It's inexpensive and durable and theres always something new that will fit your room! I purchased the Rajtan Spice Jars and they cost £1.50 for four, and I love them! I use them to hold my beauty blender, hair clips, hair bands, etc. They are transparent jars and made of glass so deffinately be careful when using these! They make great centre pieces and look fantastic on a night stand, desks, and vanity and a huge reccomendation of mine. If your looking at purchasing they are available here.

To Store my brushes I use two of the Rektangel Vase's, one for face brushes and the other for eye brushes. I use the Kulort crushed glass filler inside the vases in order to hold my brushes in place. I really like this method of holding the brushes as its easy to select each brush and see each of the brushes. The crushed glass is reflective and eye catching and super pretty! Both of these are once agains super inexpensive! If you are looking to purchase these the Vases available here and the decor glass available here.

To store my beauty products in the drawers I use the Muji PP Baskets, and these are also stackable so if you have deep draws and limited space these will be perfect! There are a range of sizes which means you'll easily be able to find suitable sizes for your needs! They are long lasting, sustainable and very inexpensive. They are available here if you wish to purchase, I use the PP Basket 3, 2, and 4. 

So thats my beauty storage ideas, I'd love to hear about any of yours in the comments below!


  1. Love this post Daisy and I absolutely love your storage set up! So cute! And can I just compliment the quality of your photos, perfect as always! I really need to invest in some studio lights at some point...


    1. Aw thank you becca, so glad you like it!! Thank you, that means so much! Hours of editing and set ups feel worth while! I really recommend them but your photos are so so good anyway! They'd make a great christmas present though... xx