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Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Blogging Process

The Blogging process isn't an easy one, and I've been speaking to Becca who is one of my really close friends here on the interent (who also has a blog - one of my favourites actually which you can read here) and we were talking about how the blogging process is completely underestimated and how hard it actually is to start a blog! So I thought it would only be fitting to explain my blogging process, and hopefully give some advice to new bloggers! 

So I will begin (this can happen whenever I have spare time, but I try to do it as early in the month as I can, or before the start of the month) by planning out my posts for as long as I can until I run out of ideas. I do this from my organiser that my friend kindly bought from me where you can design your own planner (available here for anybody interested). I will also need to take time to purchase any items that I need for the post! The next opportunity (free time) I have I will take as many photos for the post as I can, which typically takes about 4-5 hours each time. (Usually done, three to four times a month) The next opportunity I have I take to edit and select photos and upload them to posts, which can take generally a whole day, and I will also sometimes need to make collages for posts too. All of this is done using a website called fotor. My absolute favourite website for editing. I have written a post a few weeks back about my in depth photo process which you can read here if you wish! 

After this, I will then have lots of draft posts to write! Sometimes I have an opportunity to write many posts (each post - including layout and links will take around a 30-60 minutes!) and sometimes I have no time and will write a post minutes before I upload it! However, when I go on holiday or have an exam period I will need to write all of my posts for the next few weeks in one go. For example, I'm in America now so before I left I had to write five weeks worth of posts and take photos for them all too! From there I will either schedule these posts or upload them myself on the day (depending on whether I will have internet access) After they are all written, I try and proof read them all but sometimes there isn't time to proof read them so I have to trust that nobody will pick up on all the gramatical errors!! 

So there we go! Thats my blogging process! I'd love to hear about yours down below in the comments! 


  1. Aww Daisy, thanks for my little mention chick! I couldn't relate more to this post, just reminds me of our conversation, which I loved very much! I know this will definitely be helpful to new starters. Hope you're enjoying the states!


    1. No problem! I'm loving the states! Ill make sure to send you a message and give you the details! As long as you tell me how sixth form is going! xx

  2. This post is so lovely and relatable; this is so helpful for beginners :)
    Xx Sofia