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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

How to Contour, Bronze, and Highlight Using Cream Products!

A few months ago, if somebody had mentioned ANY cream makeup products whether it be eyeshadow, contour or blushes, I would have ran a mile. The conception of cream products is enough to completely scare people enough for them to never venture into cream products, but I decided that I really want to venture into cream products and now I love cream products and suddenly want everything cream form. (I'm coming for you byterry ombre blackstar and Nars Multiples) So I thought that writing a post on how to contour, bronze and highlight using cream products would be beneficial for you all and hopefully you find it useful!

So I recommend beginning with the darkest shade - the contour. You'll want to use this along the contours of your nose (on the edges of your centre bone) and along the tops of your cheekbones and along your hairline in order to define the shape of your face. Whilst you should place the bronzer beneath the contour in the shape shown in the photo above - almost like a zig zag. You should also apply the bronzer on top of the contour around your hairline. I also like to apply my bronzer in areas where the sun will naturally bronze me up - on the tips of my nose and along my jawline. As for the highlight I recommend applying this in a triangle beneath the eyes in order to brighten and highlight the under eye area. I also recommend completing a third triangle above and in-between your eyebrows, along the centre of your nose, and your chin. I recommend blending by using a wet beauty blender (note - wet, not damp!) to blend and soften all of the harsh lines. Of course a brush is also fine, however I always notice it looks the most natural when using a beauty blender. Even after you believe all of it is blended I recommend to continue with the blending for another few minutes to ensure it looks completely natural - if you are going to use a brush I recommend blending upwards! With enough practise cream products become ever so quick and easy!

I hope you found this helpful! I'd love to hear about whether you use cream products and if not whether you'll be giving it a go - practise makes perfect!


  1. Daisy this is so helpful! I have seen so many people using cream products to contour and highlight and I've just stuck with my powder products because I haven't a clue what I'm doing!! You need to come live in my house so you can teach me how to do this!! Also, you look stunning even with lines and shapes all over your face ;)


    1. Thank you Becca! You need to come and live in my house to teach me everything else about makeup and go makeup shopping! And thats not me in the photos hahaha, its one of my friends who does look stunning hahah! <3 xxx