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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Five Summer Makeup Tips

(I'm sorry for the lack of posts this week, I have been incredibly incredibly sick and barely been able to move let alone write! I hope you all understand, I love you all!) and HAPPY LATE FOURTH to my beautiful American girls! 

Summer had made a brief appearance in the UK - although hopefully it will make a comeback like it had in the US and we'll have a lovely summer, although with beautiful weather comes a not so beautiful sweaty face! These are my top five tips that I abide by in the summer months, I hope this is beneficial for all of you!

1. Moisturise 
The hot weather will undoubtedly leave you with a few dry patches, and lets be honest it's not the most flattering look. So always apply SPF as well as moisturiser to offer that extra bit of prorection. Moisturiser is a good base for makeup and will lock it all in - and of course leave your skin super soft.

2. Drop the Foundation
No matter how light your foundation is, drop it. (Especially if your on holiday - you don't want foundation slipping down your face!) There are other alternates such as tinted moisturisers which give a lovely glow,  or maybe try a higher coverage concealer. If your feeling really brave go bare faced! The sun is one of the best remedies for spots and pores, so going bare faced will be the most beneficial for your skin.

3. Bronze
One of the worst things to do is to apply a brightening concealer or powder without bronzer in the summer months. A brightening concealer on the forehead, nose and upper lip in the summer months can sometimes look sweaty, so only apply a brightening concealer under your eyes, and on your cheekbones and bronzer across your hair line, cheekbones and jaw line. In the summer, bronzer can give a beautiful glow and really define your whole makeup look.

4. Cream Eyeshadows 
I wouldn't recommend applying eyeshadow during a hot day as it will crease and fall of, but if you do decide you want to glam up your look apply a primer and then a cream eyeshadow as these are less likely to sweat off and crease. Cream eyeshadow gives a beautiful simple finish, and takes seconds - perfect for the summer months.

5. Tinted Lip Balms 
During the day time it's nice to have a bright lip colour without having to worry about it feathering or fading, so a tinted lip balm is really moisturising, soft and subtle. Most tinted lip balms also offer SPF, which is incredibly important as most people tend to forget applying an SPF on their lips in the summer and have to suffer painful consequences! (I know I always do!)

What are your top makeup tips for the summer months? Let me know below!

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  1. Wonderful post,dear!
    Keep in touch xoxo

    1. Thank you so glad you liked this post! To keep in touch you can easily follow my blog on the side bar to the right and follow via bloglovin or google!

  2. I love this post... Especially point number 2! I love how you're encouraging us girlies to go bare faced! Great tips xx


    1. It will be the best thing for you, and then in the winter you'll look amazing! Besides its nice to go bare faced! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! :) xx

  3. Great tips, I totally agreeing with needing a lighter foundation. I'm on the hunt for something lighter atm but it's so hard to find something which is pale enough for me >.< I think I may give up and mix my heavier foundation with some moisturiser since it's rather cost effective too.

    1. I know revlon nearly naked is quite a lighter foundation, and inexpensive too - I have tried it and its a really nice formula! Why not just try a BB cream or tinted moistriser - Im sure you don't need a foundation, and your skin is fine without it! Thanks for the lovely comment! So glad you liked this post xx

  4. Great tips & a lovely post xxx


  5. Great tips for the future, I'm trying to gather as many tips as I can so I don't look silly when I start wearing make up! Will add these to my list!
    I'd also love it if you could maybe check out my blog if you have time?

    Thanks so much xxx

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and you found it useful! Of course I will! I'd love to check it out! xxx

  6. LOL there was the girl where we went on holiday who had wayyyy toooo dark foundation on and then she went in the sea....and came out........and it was just like........I don't even know what to....like, ?????? WHY WOULD PEOPLE DO THAT?!?!?!? Sorry just had to say that XD

    1. Oh my god, when I see people like that I cringe so much I literally wanna wipe it all off! I seriously don't know why somebody would do that, and not even realise! Haha, don't worry I love all my readers! xxx