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Sunday, 20 July 2014

How To Stay Healthy In The Summer!

(This will be a lengthy post - if you don't want to hear me ramble skip to paragraphy four/five as that's when I start to describe how I am getting healthy! This is also not my image currently, I will be replacing tomorrow morning, I wanted to put it up straight away as I want to keep on track with my blogging schedule!)

I think for me food has always been more of a comfort source rather than a hunger source. I have never been close to my parents or my family in general and I am quite reserved so I didn't really talk to my friends so much (which is kind of silly seeing as I know I can trust my best friend with anything), so food was deffinatly my source of comfort. If I had an argument with my family then I always had a packet of crisps or biscuits to cheer me up. I am incredibly lucky that it hasn't caught up with me size wise, due to my metablosim is incredibly high. Thank god. I haven't noticed a huge change in my weight (very very slightly, but that could also be to blame on puberty) but I have noticed a change in my general health, skincare and wellbeing.

My skin has been looking peaky, a few spots have made an appearance and I often feel tired. I come home from school and have a one-two hour nap. I actually did blame this on school work and stress and maybe that played a small role, however it is also because I haven't been taking in the nutrients I need; I barely have fruit or veg let alone my five a day, so I have a serious lack of energy. This Summer I have decided to get my act together, and start getting healthy! These are my tips on how to get healthy for summer!

First of drink lots of water! This is not only benefical for your body but also your skin, it helps clear spots as well as brightening up your complexion!

My next step is light exersize. I can literally hear the moans, but try and find some form of exersize that is most enjoyable! For me I enjoy running, so I am trying to run once in the morning and once in the evening to avoid the sun at peak times! I also like blogilates video's so I try and do an arm exersize and a stomach exersize before I go to bed as your bodies metabolism slows down in the evening.

I personally snack quite regarly, so having a filling breakfast that releases energy slowly helps to limit the amount of snacks I eat. I don't particually love porriage so if I can stomach it then I will, I also don't particually love banana's due to their furry texture but again I don't mind eating them every so often. (Incredibly fussy I know!) However I really enjoy eggs so I have them fairly frequent, as you can change it up. So I may have boiled egg (dippy egg and soliders are my favourite!) fried egg, and I am trying to make omlets, but my cooking skills aren't fantastic!

If I'm sitting down to write my blog I'll have a packet of crips and some biscuits, so I am trying to switch up my snacks to healthier snacks, homous/tamaslata and pita bread is a really nice snack, cereal bars are also tasty - and weight watchers also have a really good range of snacks! If I really have to have an unhealthy snack as they do taste the best! (as I am partial to a packet of crisps) then potato based crisps (such as pom-bears) are free of gluten, artifical colours and flavours and low in fat, sugar and calories!

The last thing that I'm trying to do is to sidetrack myself, if I'm sitting down watching telly I'm more likely to start eating (writing this I actually realise how much I snack...) so if I can sit down for an hour in the garden reading or listening to music then I tend to forget about food for an hour or so. So try and do something enjoyable that takes your mind of everything!

So those are my tips on how to stay healthy during the summer, I am really trying to stay healthy every day but it is the summer so give yourself a break! Have some time to relax, watch films and dive into a bowl of popcorn and chocolate! (Not good advice for a beauty blog, but oh well!)

What are your tips on how to stay healthy in the summer? Let me know below!


  1. I seriously needed this post! I'm so bad with healthy eating and this has given me a nudge to try better xx

    1. So am I who wants apples when you can have galaxy chocolate or an icecream! Glad it's helped someone! Good luck, I'm sure you don't need it! xx

  2. loving the tips I now aim to lose 4 stone in a day using your fabulous tips

    1. kidding kidding.... But I love the post, super useful tbh!!

    2. I actually died laughing.