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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

How To Keep Your Hair Healthy in the Summer

(How beautiful is this photo and hairstyle - it was created and taken by one of my best friends, she too has recently started a blog and I'd love for you to check it out and her beautiful AND famous Instagram (@ceryslily)

Anyway, let's get right into it! So let's be brutally honest fried hair and a pile of split ends isn't the best look, and in the summer most of us make a promise not to apply heat and we don't stick to it.. at least I don't anyway! So this summer I am going to try and get my hair to be the healthiest I can possibly make it and this is how I will go about it.

1. Trim
I know, I know, nobody want's to hear it. Somehow their must be someway split ends can be glued back together and continue to grow!? No. Let's be honest with ourselves an inch or two cut off will go pretty much unnoticed, and properly be the best thing for it. I've booked myself in for a quick cut for this week, so hopefully the majority of my split ends will be cut of and then have six weeks to grow until I no doubtfully go back to my heat appliance obsession. Honestly nobody will notice, book yourself in, hold your breath and shut your eyes, it will be fine! The sun will do extra damage to your hair, so having a trim before the summer will benefit your hair greatly!

2. Resist Your Temptations
We all want to go to the beach with our hair curled and running down the beach looking like we just woke up, but their are plenty of ways you can achieve heat free curls! (I will be doing a heat free hairstyles post soon so look out!) Sleeping with plaits achieves beautiful effortless curls.

I also know that as soon as I get out of the pool/sea I want to drag a brush through the tangles. However, this breaks your hair since hair is most fragile when wet so ripping a brush through your hair increases your (risk) split ends, when you climb out of the pool just slowly brush your hair with a wide comb brush, as this reduces the risk almost entirely.

3. Choose Strong Well Made Hair Bands
This is most likely the most unusual tip, but it really makes a huge difference. The summer heat basically demands we throw our hair out of our face. However pulling your hair so tight can cause (or increase) breakage - especially if you continue to tie your hair in the same place as this weakens the hair follicles. Alternate the way you tie your hair, try low ponytails, loose buns, or braids - each day alternate your hair styles to minimise your breakage. If possible sleep with your hair loose, so your not stressing out the same strands.

4. Chlorine Damage and Hair Masks
Their's no secret or denying that chlorine damages your hair profusely, chlorine gets into the centre of the strands and increases the brutality of your hair. If you dampen your hair with water before climbing into a pool this acts as a protective layer so it takes the chlorine longer to feed into your hair,  applying a leave in conditioner will also have the same affect. A weekly hair mask can help repair the damage and seal the cuticles.

5. Good Shampoo and Conditioners 
Shampoos help remove the residue of chlorine, salt, damaging bacteria, etc. However make sure to use a sulphate free shampoo they provide you with shiner hair, less hair loss, less frizz, keeps the healthy natural oils that your hairs require, strengthens your hair, and keeps the natural healthy oils your hair requires. As for the conditioner a hydrating conditioner, or conditioner specifically designed for dry and damaged hair (SPF is a bonus) is beneficial. Although a leave in conditioner can also benefit as it reduces your hairs intake of chlorine.

I hope this was helpful, and beneficial! If you have any summer hair tips pop them below, I'd love to hear them! They might even help some others! Thats all until Thursday, I hope you liked it!