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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Jenna's Summer Essentials!

*Couch Cough*
Hi there. Im sorry to disappoint you, but this isn't Daisy, today! My name is Jenna and Daisy has asked me to write a guest post for her wonderful blog..so here I am! I write behind the screen of the 'Little Dimples Blog', if you were curious as to "what in the world is she doing here?". As you can tell by the title, I decided to keep this fresh and 'crisp' by talking about my Summer essentials.

I've broken it down into my favourite products that go under 'Face', Body', 'Feet', 'Nails' and (my personal favourite), 'Hair'! Let'a get crackalackin'!

Lets start with the face shall we? Moisturizer! Yes, moisturizer! Gotta keep your face nice and hydrated for the summer. My favorite its the Aveeno 'positively radiant' daily moisturizer (SPF 15). Its awesome. Not only is it a beautiful, creamy consistency, but it has the SPF to protect my skin as well as creating a bit of radiance in my life!

Next is those ugly feet of ours! Well, maybe your feet aren't quite as ugly as mine. I'm getting off topic! Okay, so my absolute must, to keep my feet smooth, is a scrub. I'm not really particularly when it comes to foot scrubs, but this one from Earth therapeutics is lovely!

Gotta protect our locks! I love using a serum to nourish the ends of hair, so my favorite has been the Redken 'extreme anti-snap leave-in treatment'. It's an amazing product! It doesn't way down my hair, as a lot of other serums do...and it keeps my ends looking healthy between haircuts. I highly recommend you trying it out.

In terms of nails, I have to say that I am SO impatient when it comes to waiting for my nails to dry, so I recently purchased the 'SensatioNAIL' fuse gelnamel starter kit. It comes with a gel nail polish, the lamp, cleanser and a few other bits and bobs to complete a quick 'at home' mani. I love gel because it means that I don't feel the stress of making sure I don't mess up my nails. You apply one coat of the fuse nail polish, place your finger in the lamp and wait for thirty seconds for it to completely dry. SO Easy!

Last but certainly not least is lotion! Its definitely a must for me. The Eucerin brand is the best lotion I've come across for relieving dry skin. In the summer time, its just a general instinct to be around water! Obviously! Sometimes, however, it can dry out our skin, so its always handy to have a lotion on hand.

And that is it for my summer essentials! Hopefully I didn't bore you to death, and maybe even gave you some useful insight...If you'd like to see more of me, then click here to visit my blog:)

*Thank you , Daisy, so much for allowing me to write this guest post *

Hi Guys, I have loved Jen's blog and she has been a huge help with my blog, and I really wanted to have her write a guest post for my blog I love her flow and style of her writing, I really recommend checking out her lovely blog! Thank you Jen!

What are your Summer Essentials?

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(My Nephew who was born two days ago is sick and in special care, so I will be with my sister and him over the weekend - not sure of next update time)


  1. Thanks for sharing the summer essentials post :) Love your blog btw

    1. Thank you very much, means so much! Have you checked out my giveaway?xx

    2. Sadly, I live in the U.S. So I can't enter, but if I lived in the UK I'd totally enter it :)

    3. Aw such a shame :( Next giveaway will deffiantly be international! I know lots of US girls were disapointed! :( Sorry again lovely!xx

  2. Nice post.Really like it! :)
    Antonella <3

    1. Thanks Antonellla! Such a beautiful name by the way!xx